Best Sites to create Infographics for your Business in 2021

The creation of infographics will not be a simple task if you do not have the slightest knowledge about the subject. To Create Infographics, Seen by many as a task that requires much time for it to be created and analyzed. But today is being increasingly facilitated and available to everyone. An example of this is the sites that offer templates to create all kinds of infographics.

best sites to create infographics to your business

An infographic is nothing more than the transformation of data into species of graphics, images with information, with the aim of proposing a better understanding and transparency on the part of those who will have access to this information.

This is very used by journalists, academics or even to transpose information and data obtained through surveys and studies. This is the very supportive Infographics creation sites.

The infographics are revolutionizing the way we see Online charts, the graphs, tables, and data because behind the information clearer and more condensed way, making it a great tool for both those who create this information, as to whom to disclose.

Nowadays our availability, a number of programs and/or websites that provide us accomplish this task. The use of programs is not as reliable as the websites of the online edition, they say.

Unfortunately, a lot of these sites are paid and in English, but we have good free variety. The following is the Infographics creation sites list containing the 5 sites to create infographics used:

Best site to create Infographics

These are Most Popular Infographics Sites, which helps to create infographics

1. Piktochart


Has six themes free edition (the remainder paid). It has, in its board tools, a lot of pre-defined models, i.e., the more you pay, the greater the number of options available. A difference, too, is that it is possible to insert the logo of your company.

The assembly process of infographics is very simple: you have the template (model) changes the data using the same ones that will be used and your image is ready. This very popular service to create infographics online.

While Google is one of the most successful companies in the world, not all services are successful, and cost issues and exploitation of employees, the only solution is to discontinue them, but today we are going to use the word “kill”.  Some of the services that Google has killed.


If you are always tuned into social networking with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, this tool is for you. Visify you log in through your Twitter and it automatically generates or creates infographics with keywords that you said during the previous year.

Clicking the days have access to tweets that were made and re-tweets they received, among other things.

This site is acquired by Yahoo in 2011.



Have a list with 15 themes available, and can modify the suggestions of infographics according to their need, by uploading your pictures and also the type of your company logo.

Its distinguishing characteristic is the possibility to change the templates from the text, embedded objects, to the background, providing a wider range of varieties of creation. Helpful service to create infographics.



It is a free tool, one of the simplest, recommended mainly for those who want more convenience and less waste of time. This says much about infographics, as traditional graphics such as pie and bar.

Enables uploading photos, changing both its size. It also counts with an editor full tables, like Excel, allowing completely customize their data.

5. :


Free tool with full interaction with social networks beyond the traditional utilities. Its great advantage is great fun when it comes to creating infographics based on your behavior on Twitter or Facebook. You can Share interactive infographics through Social sites.

Simply connect the data with these social networks and create infographics about yourself or pages that you administer, can create Venn diagrams fun, disputes the account in Twitter, hashtags that analyze images, and some others.

This is a very good Professional Infographics creation site.

While Facebook continues deployment graph search – its internal search engine, it is becoming increasingly urgent for companies to optimize their Facebook page so that it is found on the social network.

Final words

Finally, we conclude that to create infographics and this list helps as the best Infographic maker, it can be something simple and fun, and that will help better organize your data and demos.

Other advantages provided by these tools, we should always be updated with what is being used in world communications, especially if you work or develop any task in this area.

So, do not waste time to start your work to create Infographics by using the aboveĀ Infographic Tool.

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