9 Best Educational Technology Tools for Teachers in 2021

Content Writing is art. It may be textual or video content based on the ideas and questions of the users. Today, technology is becoming an essential part of education. Educational technology tools are playing a vital role and environment in online teaching and learning. These tools are present everywhere, where there is focused-learning. These tools are making teaching and learning more comfortable and more comprehensible.

In this process of digitized education, educational technology tools are helping the teacher a lot in explaining the concept more realistically and pragmatically. The students are also enjoying the ease of digital learning.

best educational tools for teachers and freelancers

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic situation, most of the schools, colleges, universities, and educational centers are working on online content creation (courses) to start for better engagement with their students by using the Education technology tools. They are maintaining their educational information as a video library and track their student’s records by providing access to their students.

People do not feel the learning as a burdensome activity. Education plays a fundamental role, not only because it allows students to acquire the necessary skills to survive in this society which focused on technological knowledge data but also contributes to their own learning experience by practice.

Integrating technology with the classroom goes beyond the simple use of the computer and its software, requires the active participation of the student.

The Following things are including to Improve the Educational Values form the given tools

  • Frequent interaction between the teacher and the student.
  • Participation in and collaboration with a peer group
  • And the connection with the real world.
  • Interaction and knowledge sharing help the teachers improve their teaching and instructional capabilities.

Incorporating educational technology tools in education and teaching provides a series of benefits. This helps improve efficiency and productivity in the class. It helps to increase the interest and involvement of the students in their academic activities.

Teachers and prospective teachers should have adequate knowledge of educational technology tools to make teaching and learning more successful and enjoyable with their materials and assessments designed themselves.

Educational Technology Tools for Teachers

Here are some of the amazing Educational Technology Tools that help teachers in Teaching which are perfect for easy studies to the students every time.

1. ZuluDesk – Manage iPads, Tablets and Mac books! 

ZuluDesk is a cost-effective and powerful Mobile Device Management System for today’s modern digital classroom. The tool helps teachers to teach and students to learn with fewer distractions and better learning modes. Its Teacher App helps teachers in making the students concentrate on the lecture with less-distractions and more attention.

Today, many schools at the primary level use iPads to improve the quality of education. Tablets help students develop skills and talents that increase their learning levels and grasping the concept in its right perspective.

Visit ZuluDesk Here: ZuluDesk

2. Doodle3D – Transform

Doodle 3D Transform makes 3D printing possible for everyone. You can bring your imagination to life without any technical knowledge. Draw it and have it printed. It’s that simple. With the new BETA software, you can make your toys, print jewelry, or give your mother a vase from the 3D printer as a gift. This tool comes with video tutorials for educators. Most of the science teachers using the features of Doodle3D to create engaging lessons and stories.

Visit Doodle3D Here: Doodle3D

3. IMO-LEARN – Sitting quietly in the classroom is so old-fashioned

The IMO-LEARN concept consists of innovative seats with or without motion sensors, a basic book with 53 exercises, and three learning methods: dynamic sitting, analog active learning, and digital moving learning. And that in different learning domains: mathematics, language, balancing exercises, and brain teasers.

Visit IMO Learn Here: IMO Learn

4. Pear Deck

Easily creates interactive presentations as per your lessons where the students are 100% involved in reading your content and you can watch the students in real-time.

Visit Pear Deck Here: Pear Deck

5. Go Formative

With Go Formative you can view a test or assignment in real-time as a teacher. The students make the assignments on their devices. You do not have to wait until everyone has made everything. You can walk to the student at the same time, offer an extra explanation, or just keep an eye on the students.

Visit Go Formative Here: Go Formative

6. Animoto

Animoto is another of my favorite and a great tool every time. How do you ensure that your school still stands out among all the fun movies and photos on social media? You can easily do that with the free Animoto app. You can quickly and easily make the most beautiful and striking videos on the entire internet. It helps you to create attractive video content. It is available in both android and ios app versions. You can watch those video content on any device. 

Visit Animoto Here: Animoto

7. Gooru

With Gooru you can offer your education up-to-date to students with their device. You offer the assignments digitally and students can create these on their level. Make students the owner of their learning process.

Visit Gooru Here: Gooru

8. VR in the classroom with Google Expeditions

Imagine that on a weekday afternoon you can view coral reefs up close or explore the surface of Mars. With Google Expeditions, teachers can take their students on virtual journeys that surround the explorer. It is a very good platform to learn new things in virtual reality mode.

9. Super Simple TV

Do you want to work with young children in English? Then take a look at Super Simple Learning. A fantastic material to work with the youngest children. Now, they also have a new YouTube Channel called Super simple TV with fantastic simple movies.

There will be shows for entertaining kids and also learn with creativity on the super simple TV. Teachers can help students draw with easy-to-learn tips in the app.


The above apps are very helpful to every teacher and student. Introducing technology in education is a great revolution. But the biggest question is how well we can use these resources.

Hence for a teacher, these internet tools will be great to introduce students to education. Technology tools in education help the teachers to improve teaching skills in the class and accelerated progress in the quality of teaching.

These skills help the students in improving their learning capabilities.

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