Apple is one of those brands which manage to grab the headlines of the news and updates from the field of technology more often than not. In the recent few weeks, there is hardly any day when we have not come across Apple in the news feed related to the field of technology. And there is every reason for such a situation. Particularly after the launch of the iOS 11 Beta versions, it is very rare that Apple has not been in the list of top news of the days.

iOS 11 for iPhone Incredible Features

iOS 11 for iPhone: Incredible features:

Now Apple has already a couple of Beta versions of the latest iphone iOS as well as the other devices which run on the iOS platform. Lots of new things have been already noted down by the experts as well as the fans regarding what the new software update from Apple is going to bring in.

  • One of the basic things that will certainly be visible on the smartphones or tabs with the iOS 11 platform is an updated Siri.
  • It is one of the changes that were expected to come in. This is because we have seen the Cupertino-based tech giant investing a lot behind making its artificial intelligence the best in business.
  • And this time the upgrade can be noticed in the number of languages which Siri will be able to translate to.
  • It has been revealed by a number of experts after the iOS11 Beta 2 download that Siri will now be able to translate French, Spanish, English, Chinese, German and Italian.
  • Now besides the upgrade related to Siri, there are a number of other features of iOS 11 as well which have managed to grab the attention of the fans.
  • One such is the Driving Mode. This is one of the features which will perhaps be available iOS 11 for iPhone only. In this mode, the user can put the device on the Do Not Disturb mode.
  • However, you will still be able to receive notifications if you set that up manually. So this is really going to make life much easier for those who steer their way through busy roads with a four-wheeler.
  • Another incredible feature of the iOS 11 which has been noted after the download of the Beta version is the inclusion of the Apple Maps.
  • The new Maps which have been incorporated into the iOS features will enable the users to spot the different landmarks within a small confinement.
  • If you are looking for a particular shop in your locality, all you need to do is type in the name, and the iOS 11 for iPhone will make sure that you are guided to your destination without much difficulty.

Wrap Up:

It is clear enough that the world of technology is going to experience something really special when iOS 11 becomes official. There are not many numbers of days left to go before that.

But before that, new Beta versions of the iOS 11 for iPhone or other Apple devices are going to be released which will make it even clearer about what the eventual features of the iOS 11 are going to be.

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