How to recover hacked mobiles?

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Satish Ithamsetty

To prevent the hacker from accessing your phone further, disconnect from any internet connections as soon as possible.

Disconnect from the internet


Use a reputable security app to scan your phone for any malicious software or viruses that may have been installed by the hacker. 

Run a malware scan: 


To prevent the hacker from accessing your accounts, it's important to change the passwords for any accounts that are accessed through your phone. Choose strong, unique passwords and consider using a password manager. 

Change your passwords 


If you're unable to identify or remove the malicious software on your phone, you may want to consider performing a factory reset. 

Consider a factory reset 


To prevent future hacks, make sure to keep your phone's operating system and security software up to date. 

Keep your phone's operating system and security software up to date 


This adds an extra layer of security for your phone and accounts. 

Enable two-factor authentication 


Only download apps from reputable sources to avoid potential malware. 

Be cautious when downloading apps 


These can contain malicious software. 

Avoid clicking on links or downloading attachments from unknown sources 


This will help prevent hackers from being able to gain access to your information. 

Use a strong, unique password for your phone 


If you're unable to recover your phone or prevent future hacks, additional support may be available. 

Contact your carrier or the manufacturer for additional support 


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Be safe with your Mobiles