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The best way to make a person understand a concept is through diagrams. Keeping the concept in your mind when you design with the help of visual diagrams it is called “Mind mapping“.

Mind mapping helps you to understand the concept in a better manner and it lasts long also. Here I am discussing 7 top Mind mapping software tools.

Free Mind Mapping Tools

Mind mapping helps you to understand the concept in a better manner and it lasts long also. Here I am discussing 7 top Mind mapping software tools.

With the help of mind mapping, one can design project planning, organizing thoughts, brainstorming (group problem-solving technique) and presentations. You need not have many skills to create a mind map.

They are so many tools available on the net as a browser version and desktop version. Here I am discussing free tools.

What is Mind Mapping?

A mind mapping is a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks, and drawings or other related concepts and arranged radially around a keyword or central idea.

Mind mapping is a very effective method to extract and store information. They are a logical and creative way to take notes and ideas which are, literally map their thoughts on an issue.

A mind mapping is a picture of various elements, used as key points to provide specific information about a particular subject or branch of several issues in relation to a central point.

What is a mind map? and How to Make A Mind Map?

A mind map is obtained and developed around a word, phrase or text, centrally located, and then derive ideas, words, and concepts by lines drawn out around the title; the meaning of these lines can be clockwise or anti-clockwise; It is very effective to evaluate the relationship between different variables resort.

The great promoter of the idea of a mental map was Tony Buzan in 1974 with his book “Use Your Head”.

What are the Uses?

Mind maps have many applications in the personal, family, educational and business, including taking notes, brainstorming, creating summaries, as a tool mnemonic or as a means to explain complex ideas.

In addition to these cases of direct use data extracted from a mind, the map can be used to enhance other applications, for example, expert systems or search engines.

To do this, mind maps can be analyzed with the classical methods of information extraction to classify the mental map of an author or documents which are linked from the map itself.

How Does Brain Mapping Work?

  • Memory expansion
  • A natural retention and practice much-compressed information in a few words, pictures, signs, letters, colors, etc.
  • These little visual time explain what pages full of information written could achieve.
  • Labor used in presentations, educational work and homework.
  • Facilitate the study of complex and difficult to understand subjects.
  • The simple and flexible collection of key data facilitates the processes of learning, thinking, planning, creation, and remembrance
  • Also, structure the facts and thoughts in a clear and easy for people who create form.
  • And they teach concepts attractive and spontaneously.

Free Online Mind Mapping Tools

There is more mind mapping software is available on the web. Some are free and some are paid versions. Today in this article I have listed the top 7 free mind mapping online web application.


You can create outstanding Mind maps with this. It is providing an option to share it with your friends on social media. You can add images with the drag and drop method.

You can access and create the maps on your Mobile devices. After complete mapping, you can export this into PDF and PNG format.

See the Demo Video How to use this site to make Mind maps.


This is an open-source mind-mapping tool created with the help of java program.
This is available as a free tool you can install and use offline in Windows, MAC & Linux.

This source has many additional features like location-based mind mapping, collaboration tools and restores session support and more. You can save Every project as a track.

You can add branches in Complex diagrams.

Embedded links can be added to this. After the mapping is completed you can export this as HTML, PDF, Open document, SVG or PNG format.


This is the easiest free online tool to use. When you type the matter in the text area it will convert as Node in the mind map work area.

After the text is completed you can click the “Draw Mind Map” button and you can get the mind map.
Your work makes easy by using the shortcuts provided on the site. Finally, you can export your ideas (as a map) as PDF or Image.

The special feature is you can share your Mind Mapping Images with your friends through Email.

4. Popplet

Popplet is a very good platform to give a good visual picture by creating a free account. You can visually record your ideas, inspirations, and thoughts as well as upload text, videos, images and draw on your canvas.

If the project is working with your Team, You can share and connect multiple devices to the same project. You can add high-resolution images to your presentation.

Popplet helps you to embed the image in your blog. The special features are you can add keywords, tags, and categories to search the map easily.

5. MindApp

This is another useful tool in Mind map App. This is available as the browser and desktop versions.

  • Drag and Drop interface
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Children options
  • Map and Text formatting

6. MindMeister

MindMeister is one of the best mind maps tools with an easy-to-use interface. It has a great interface to develop the min map with brainstorming ideas. You can discuss the changes in real-time with live chat.

You can access your projects by using your smartphone online and offline. The project data is safe and secured with data encryption technology with an accurate monitoring system. It is a completely cloud-based service. no need to install additional software to use this service.

It is available in both free and premium versions. The free version allows up to 3 projects. If you need more than that, you can upgrade to the premium version. The pricing starts from $4.99 per month

Google Chrome Extensions of Mind Mapping

7. MindMap

This is one of the Google Chrome extensions. It has to cloud built-in support with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. You can store your project in this cloud storage service safely. Some of the features are,

  • Font size increases and decrease
  • You can add images and text
  • You can share your project (or) map through your social media connections.
  • It allows real-time collaboration
  • You can embed your map within sites/blogs

Other Chrome extensions: MindMapr, MindMup, and Connected Mind

You can save these maps in the MindApp Free account. We can add and customize the maps with shapes, lines, alignment, size, color, borders, and background options.


Now a day most of the people are using this mind mapping method to overcome their forgetfulness.

The above tools are very useful to Students (to prepare total chapter in few maps to reduce revision time), businessmen (to give product presentation) and Lecturers (to give more information within a short time).

The Free Mind Mapping Software tools help to reduce the work for the student, teachers, business persons, and internet marketers.

I think technology changed everyone’s lifestyle and I am expecting the above free tools will help you to change your lifestyle.

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