Cell Phone Etiquette – Behave Well while Using Cell Phone in Public

Cell Phone Etiquette – The electronic devices in the communication sector are developed so fast and posing challenges for privacy in communication. Mobile phone or Cell Phone is an electronic device that changed the human lifestyle drastically. In some cases, these devices are damaging the relationships and are creating a nuisance when they are not properly used.

cell phone etiquette

We are using cellular phones. We must maintain cell phone etiquette. The cellular phone has brought into human life more convenience and comfort. At the same time, it has become a device that destroys the peace of mind. We notice many times, like passive smoking sufferers, passive sufferers with cell phone users without proper decorum and without cell phone etiquette.

The uncontrolled use of cell phones whether in the social circles or in the work-place has undeniably damaged the etiquette of cell phone use. At present, the rules of courtesy and education with the mobile phone call every time need more attention.

What should we take care of while making a phone call?

What is the best time to call somebody?

What is Cell Phone Etiquette?

Etiquette is an established and accepted behavior to be exhibited while using a device or finding ourselves in a meeting, or at a public place, or speaking to someone, etc. If the etiquette is not followed we lose our respect and dignity and at the same time, we may cause inconvenience to others. 

How to maintain Etiquette in Public with a Cell phone?

Maintaining cell phone etiquette is highly necessary for these days where the possession and usage of the cell phone have become a necessity.

  • When you are not using the cell phone in common areas, put it in inappropriate places. Do not hold it in your hand or place it in the outer pocket of your jacket. The right places are the briefcase and the inside pocket of your coat. You can also keep it close to your hand or inside your bag, but do not put it on the table.
  • During a meeting, it is best to switch off your cell phone. The least you can do is putting your cell phone in silent or vibrate mode. By doing this, you show your respect towards others and do not disturb their thoughts with your speakers. If your phone does not stop ringing in your hand as if you were a busy person, it will lead others to focus your attention on you, which in fact reveals your lack of courtesy.
  • People with good cell phone etiquette do not call or receive calls in places like the library, hospital, theatre, airplane or while driving. Talking aloud on public transport is also not good. When they call you on your cell phone, please do not put your favorite song for five minutes to entertain others before picking up the message. It is not a cell phone etiquette.
  • When you call a person, particularly someone who has an important position and who is often busy with their work, the first thing we have to remember is that if that is the right time to call him.
  • Pay attention to the sound that is heard at the other end of the line to determine their whereabouts. If it’s very quiet, they might be attending a meeting. Sometimes, you may hear an echo if it is in a spacious place.
  • When you hear a noise, it is probably outside and you can easily assume if they are driving. With this initial evaluation, you are likely to get an idea of whether you can talk to him. But in any case, it is he who will decide if the conversation will take place. Therefore, “are you in free time to talk now?” It is usually the first thing we say when calling someone.
  •  Are we so busy today with our phones that we forget to offer others a smile? We are busy with our smartphones and forgot to offer a sweet smile that needs no money.
  • In public places, especially in the staircase, elevator, and footpath, do not talk on the phone as if no one else were by your side. You should try to lower your voice and not speak out loud.
  • If you use a cell phone in certain places like cinemas or theatres you can send text messages while keeping the phone in silent mode.
  • We have to put cell phones in silent mode or switch off the phone while on the dining table. This can prevent interruption caused by loud and annoying ringtones.
  • Forget the annoying ringtones. Do you really need to have a circus theme or a police siren to let you know that someone is trying to communicate with you? Keep the ring tone at a reasonable volume. You do not want to scare people.
  • Do not check text messages when other people are very aware of your presence. Speaking while reviewing text messages is disrespecting others. Choosing the content of your text messages is equally important.
  • By sending or forwarding a text message, it means that you agree with its content and this reflects your tastes. Therefore, do not send inappropriate messages, especially if they are satirical or mocking about famous people or great personalities.
  • Do not put your mobile phone on the table when you go to meet other people in public areas.
  • Cell phone etiquette is more important as cell phone usage has become a necessity. The cell phone has brought a revolutionary change in human life. Communication has become so easy, comfortable, and cheap.
  • The majority of the human race is using cell phones. The cell phone manufacturing industry has become a major productive industry with the emergence of new generation technology.
  • Technology is updating itself every day. In these circumstances, maintaining cell phone etiquette is mandatory.  The purpose of inventing the cell phone shall be served when we maintain the cell phone etiquette scrupulously.

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