6 Best Free Android Apps To Find Your Friends via GPS

Thanks to smartphones and GPS devices, we can now easily locate our friends. If you have these apps on your phone, you can easily find out where your friends are.

Some of these programs, however, may not be as secure as you would like. The term “GPS” refers to the Global Positioning System.

best free GPS android apps to track your friends
Best Free Android Apps to find your friends using GPs

So, to assist you, here are a few apps you may use to easily locate your friends and family members.

Best Free Android Apps To Find Your Friends via GPS

These apps use GPS to help you locate your buddies. These apps are extremely useful for people who travel or are constantly on the move. These apps make it simple to locate friends and family.

Let us go into the details of these best free location sharing apps.

1. Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the best free Android apps for using GPS to find friends. This is the free location sharing app. It is a free program that helps you locate friends and family members. It works with any Android handset and does not need internet access. You can look for the location of your friends, relatives, workplace, or anyone else. It’s easy to use, and you can even use Google Maps to convey messages to others.

Location History is a setting for your Google Account that keeps track of where you go on all of your mobile devices when: You have Location History turned on,

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2. Glympse – Share GPS location App

Glympse is a free app that lets you share your whereabouts with relatives and friends. You may also see where your friends and relatives are located. The iPhone and iPad versions of Glympse are also available. This is one of the best free apps for Android that lets you find your friends using GPS. You can share your location with a friend using the Glympse app, and you can find family members on a map with the Family Locator app. The A-GPS Tracker software allows you to track your phone’s location, while the Geo Tracker app can assist you in finding friends, family, and coworkers.

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Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation apps, and it works with both Apple and Android devices.

3. Family Locator – GPS tracker & Find your phone app

The Family Locator is a free program that can help you find your friends and family. It also allows you to track your family members’ and friends’ most recent known locations. The iPhone, iPad, and Android versions of Family Locator are all available. This is the opening line of a short text about how to use Locator, an iPhone app that helps you find family members.

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This app is one of the most helpful tools for locating family members and friends who are far away from you. The app allows you

4. My GPS Location

The GPS finder app makes it simple to locate friends and relatives. It offers a straightforward UI. My GPS Position figures out the best location by putting together information from all sources, like GPS and Wi-Fi. All activities will benefit from having the GPS coordinates by giving a real-time location.

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Your current location data can be shared through the app with any messaging app. Your pals will receive a link to your location on Google Maps as well as your GPS coordinates. You can send an SMS with your GPS location if you can’t connect to the Internet in an emergency. You can put GPS coordinates into map programs, chat sessions, and emails by copying and pasting them.

5. Life360: Family locator & GPS Tracker

One of the greatest free GPS tracking apps for finding your buddies is Life360. It may be used on a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry. This software can be used to keep track of your friends or family members.

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The app uses your location data to pinpoint the exact location of the person you are looking for. This app also allows you to share your location with friends. The GeoZilla Family GPS Locator App is another great free GPS tracking app to find your friends. This is one of the good phone tracking apps.

6. Geo Tracker – GPS tracker App

One of the greatest free Android apps for finding your buddies using GPS is Geo Tracker. The Geo Tracker allows you to keep track of your pals and know where they are at all times. The Geo Tracker tracks your buddies using GPS and plots their location on a map. You can also let them know where you are. The Geo Tracker is compatible with both Android and iOS.

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Using GPS, you can use this software to find your friends or a lost phone. Geo Tracker is the greatest GPS tracker app for tracking your friend’s or lost phone’s position. The Geo Tracker also allows you to check where your friends are and includes capabilities such as sending and receiving messages as well as tracking the last seen. It also allows you to share your location with family and friends.

Importance of location sharing apps

There are a number of reasons why location sharing apps are important.

  • They allow friends and family to keep track of one another. This can be especially important in emergency situations.
  • They can help people coordinate their activities. For example, if you’re meeting up with friends for a night out, a location sharing app can help everyone find each other.
  • Location-sharing apps can be a great way to discover new places.
  • If you see that your friends are constantly checking in to a certain restaurant or bar, you might be tempted to check it out yourself.


It’s time to get started tracking your friends or family now that you know how! Take a look at these location-finding applications if you’re looking for a way to keep track of your loved ones. The first two apps on our list are excellent choices for individuals looking for something simple and straightforward. You can find the iPhone location tracker apps in the Apple ios stores for Apple users.

However, if you require something more sophisticated, our blog post will provide you with a wide range of options.

Do you have any other suggestions on the above list of location tracking apps? Let us know in the comments below!

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