Top and Best GPS Apps for Android and iPhone Users in 2024

When we think of GPS apps the first navigation tool that comes into our mind is Google maps. Google Maps is a better choice for those who prefer to navigate.

As up to GPS Apps Google Maps is updated very regularly. Hence for the people who just needed to navigate Google Maps is the best one.

best GPS apps for mobile users

For many, navigation is not just dependent on things in GPS Apps. So here in Google Play and IOS store there is no shortage of GPS Apps. Many apps were available for both android and IOS apps.

There are also many GPS apps that work online and GPS apps that work offline. So that there is no worry about having the internet all the time you search for a location.

Here are some GPS Apps that work for your smartphone. These navigational apps are all not created the same. Some of them come with good features but have a very low resolution when comes to view. So here I give you the best navigation features.

Best GPS apps for Android Users

For android, there are many GPS apps available that give you good navigational features. The below given are the best GPS Apps among them.

1. HERE WeGo – City Navigation

The HERE WeGo Maps is developed by Nokia company in 2014. This has gone to the hype in 2015. After that, it was sold to an automobile company which included Audi and some other big automobile companies. The features of the HERE Maps are very simple and the interface is very user-friendly.

There is also the best feature in this GPS app i.e. you can download your maps. Hence by using this app, you can also go through even without the internet. You can get this app free from Google play store.

2. MapFactor GPS Navigation Map

MapFactor is one of the best GPS Apps. This app is the best replacement for Google Maps. This was a free offline GPS Maps developed by Open Street Maps.

The best feature of the MapFactor Navigator is that all the maps and postcodes in the app are loaded into your sd card or memory device and can be viewed as we needed.

When connected to the internet the app will be updated and new maps and podcasts are loaded again from the Open Street Maps.

3. Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

Sygic is another best GPS app. This app is most suitable for those people who suffer from less internet connectivity. This app was Tom-Tom powered and has high definition maps of many countries.

The key features of this navigational app are that this app comes with voice-activated GPS. Route guidance is also available in this app. Imager, 3D mapping and dynamic lane assistance are the other best features of this app. You can get this app from Google play store for free.

Best GPS Apps for IOS Users

The above listed are the best GPS apps for android. Many of them do not compete with IOS. Hence for IOS, there are some other GPS navigation apps. Here are some GPS apps for IOS.

4. Magellan RoadMate

The Magellan RoadMate is one of the best GPS apps for IOS. This IOS app has very best features than any of the IOS GPS Apps. This app consists of text to speech option, Lane assistance, 3D building, and in-app music control. Live traffic is also shown in this app. The appreciated thing is that this app is updated very often.

5. TomTom Go Navigation

You may have heard about TomTom often. In all the navigational systems there will be a somewhat influence of this TomTom navigation.

This has gone too far to get into IOS. We can access free lifetime maps in this app.

IQ routes, Multi-stop routing, 2D/3D driving view and much more are available in this app.

6. Garmin Smartphone Link

The Garmin smartphone link is the other GPS app for IOS. This app particularly faced a lot of trouble. Once, this was removed from the app store also. Later it was improved and introduced in many areas. Now it became one of the best GPS apps for IOS.

This app consists of offline maps which will be very useful to access without the internet. There is also a voice prompted turn by turn directions option which is best-used in-car navigation. You can also create routes with stops.


If you just want to explore a new place, why to go so far to see everything. There are many GPS activated apps that show you everything right from your place. These navigational apps differ in the features. The best of them are given above.

Let, if you are driving somewhere, and you suddenly struck in the traffic on a highway. Now, what would you do? Simply check for some routes through the villages using these apps that are available for both online and offline. Try one of these Best GPS apps for navigation.

GPS apps android tracker is the other feature of GPS systems through which you can track any device that you present in your navigational app. For security purposes, this app suits them best.

Top and Best GPS Apps for Android and iPhone Users in 2024
Top and Best GPS Apps for Android and iPhone Users in 2024
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