Top 10 Best DJ Mixer Apps For Android Users and Music Lovers

A party ahead! Want some great DJ mixes? A DJ (Digital Jockey) – want to practice your mixes? A regular dance performance and you wish to merge songs of your choice.

Best DJ Mixer Apps for Android users

There are so many reasons why we find these handy easy to use DJ mixer apps of great help. And here I am giving you details of some of such kind of apps so you can now go on with including more exciting mixes to your playlist.

Best DJ Mixer Apps For Android

1. DJ Studio 5 – Free music mixer

With this, you have the key to ruling the party. DJ Studio is a free, robust and powerful party-proof virtual turntable for DJs. This enables you to mix, loop, remix or pitch your music. The app is user-friendly, social and responsive. So mix your tracks and rule the party.

2. Party Mixer – DJ player app

This app gives you the magic of playing two music files together. You can cross-fade between them like a DJ. You can change their pitch and tempo to mix them seamlessly.

No DJ-ing experience is necessary. Party Mixer has been designed to be an easy to use app that anyone can use and play with the music.

Yes playing with music, mixing them and making out something from it is really fun.

3.  DJ MIX PADS (Drum Pad and DJ mixer)

Music Maker app and a simple way to create your own electronic music and remixes. DJ mixer pad is a popular process for music-making. Yes, you read it correctly.

You are going to learn a lot from this app. A very easy to use android application very common for music lovers.

This app comprises all the features of a pad machine on your mobile phone.


Want to play with music like a professional? So you are reading about the correct application.

This is a perfect android app that helps you mix, remix and scratch music in a professional manner.

With DJ Mixer Pro Player you can take full advantage of all the features of DJ-ing.


DJ Remix Nonstop music is an app that gives you a range of already mixed or remixed music. The above apps taught you how you can play with music on your own. Now let us sit back and enjoy the music.

This app is a free app for Android available on Google Play Store. This provides high-quality music, fast speed, and minimum bandwidth.

And this app comes with a popular DJ remix dance for you.


Put on your headphones and you will feel like the most famous DJ’s on your screen. You can get to know about the most used equipment that the DJ’s use.

Amazing CD checks where they play the coolest music from their CD’s Laser lights turning every party into a spectacle. Huge speakers that provide the music experience.

Replacing your old backgrounds with these new ones will bring life to your DJing. So enjoy new wallpapers and have an awesome new experience as a DJ.


As the name specifies this music application is a virtual DJ. We can do all the work of a DJ using this app with ease.

We can easily play two songs and crossfade between them. Easily add sound effects, music and other equalizers. To say in very simple words feel like a DJ. Yeah VIRTUALLY.


An impressive app. Mixes songs in perfect sync on a powerful audio engine. Along with mixing abilities, this can provide a decent level of bpm detection.

And we do not need to mention the other common features of all DJ apps.


This app extends the limits of DJing on mobile offering unlimited creative freedom. Want to rock out an unplanned jam? Or are you bored at home?

Tired of a lot of work and want to enjoy now? The app provides more than 20 DJ fx and features.


It is a virtual DJ mixing studio, which is simple and easy to use where you can create music. In this version, there is a total of 8 tracks that you can mix using 40 loops of the highest sound quality.

Along with the above free DJ Mixer applications, sometimes Video converter software is also playing an important role.

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Enjoy mixing all your favorite music tracks along with sounds of different instruments like organ, strings, piano and much more.

The above list helps you to enjoy the music by using popular DJ Apps from your smartphone.

Most of the students are enjoying the DJ effects by using these DJ Mixer apps. why are you waiting? Start now.