Top 5 Apps helps to know what song is this

Applications that has Song Identifier that are listening are really popular. But not all users know them and, much less, have tried it. We have to start searching in Google play store to search the best app on what song is this by sound, finally selected two good apps from the selected apps, they are Shazam and SoundHound and also added SoundTracking or Google Search Sound are also very good.

Just the fact and try gives us a total experience. The role is certainly surprising and, as users, we wonder how the hell they get to identify any song you propose them. It is cool.

These are applications that are fluent. They are intuitive and guide us from one to another option.

If you like music, these applications are going to excite. All of them are very good, and help you know the title of the song playing at that time or to remember, if you have it on the tip of your tongue and do not leave…

If we put on a scale, each has his weapon to defend himself and tilt. Perhaps, in the end, it is a matter of taste.

Best apps to know what song is this:

These five apps are the best to help you identify all the tracks from the top new songs to the old classics songs.

1. Shazam:

Shazam is the very popular application, and already has millions of followers worldwide. Not surprisingly, it was the pioneer in recognizing songs, besides being which makes the process faster. Shazam Any song that identifies the time we can share by email, WhatsApp, social networks, and can sing while you make his interpreter, since the lyrics on screen, puts forward the pace of the subject, a kind of karaoke function. Any song, in addition, to partially hear, or can buy it directly in one step access to related videos on YouTube. This is very good Online Song Identifier by Sound.

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2. SoundHound:

SoundHound is the great rival of Shazam. Identify songs as you do this, only listen. It offers us a whole world around them, as we can see which album, check the record of the performer or see the scenes of his upcoming tour. The major difference between SoundHound with Shazam is to identify songs you hum or sing.

SoundHound Music Search app helps to find Shazam is one of the Top 5 Apps helps to know what song is this

A feature that works perfectly, bringing applications SoundHound have a pretty significant added value. The rest of its functions also include the facility to share the results via email, WhatsApp, SMS and full integration with Facebook.

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3. SoundTracking:

SoundTracking is a one of the good alternative to the above two great apps in recognition and identification of songs. We’ve been testing with the same songs that we put forward to Shazam went to see in our particular test, and the results are very good. Even on one test, SoundTracking has identified a song but Shazam failed to recognize (and vice versa). To try SoundTracking, we must confess that we thought was unique and invincible in Shazam. But we always, as in life itself, some people do not make much noise but it is effective. SoundTracking is a tool with which we can also recognize musical themes, but in this case with a very strong social twist. We can comment and share our favorite songs.

(Update: Last year, Rhapsody International acquired SoundTracking, and has made the difficult decision to no longer support it. We’re focusing on Rhapsody as a single platform, and are working on incorporating everything you love about SoundTracking into Rhapsody and its future products. Shutdown date: Friday, July 10, 2015)

Source: Why soundtracking was shutdown

4. Sound Search from Google:

Google applications are not usually a great visual deployment tools. Sound Search is a clear example of ‘minimalism of the Mountain View’ preferring to leave everything resting on the effectiveness of the app. Google is adding their own applications window. They are apps that, as we see in this, looking much more practical side, and in the case of Sound Search has shown us great efficiency in recognition of songs but it is quick, what song is this and it takes to the Google music store, so we can acquire the theme just recognized it. Thanks to Sound Search. An identifier sober, simple and effective songs, perfect for what we do not seek major frills or complications. This is  What Song Is This Lyrics Search Engine (What Song has these Lyrics).

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5.   Play it app

Although not an application with the same “divination” functions than before, Play it the app is a tool that, in certain places, you will be able to identify what song is this played. This application, in full expansion, has anyway a different primary function of that, and that she will be able to ring in a bar, pub … the song you want to hear. And if we know what we are listening at any given time and not We have only to look at the screen of your mobile.

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How many times have we wanted to know what was the song that was playing? Or we have a close friend who knows everything, or we were disappointed. Well, that if we are not downloaded to the phone of these applications, dedicated precisely to recognize themes that sound.

Both Shazam and SoundHound are two excellent tools that always know what’s playing. We can go in the car and, just by pointing the phone toward the speaker, we would identify any song, and will show the artist name, song, album … And from there on the screen, everything we can imagine is little: we can listen to other songs by the same artist, see his biography, he has planned concerts. There are few what song is this app for pc.

In addition, we will see on the screen, if available, the lyrics of the song.

Among both applications, there are few differences. If we notice that Shazam has a somewhat faster process than SoundHound, but neither is an improvement that we bow to it.

Both applications offer a good integration with Facebook and a very agile way to share the songs with our contacts. And if it does not give you bad about hum or sing as you go downloading SoundHound, with this option and we assure you it works great.

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