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Best Browsers for android

5 Best Browsers for Android for Secure Browsing

Are you looking for the best browsers for Android mobile that allow safe and secure browsing? Here is our list of the best smartphone browsers. Smartphone browsers are as essential as the applications installed on your Android device, and many…


6 Best Free Android Apps To Find Your Friends via GPS

With smartphones and GPS devices, we can now find our friends with ease. With these apps installed on your phone, you can easily locate the exact location of your friends. However, some of these apps may not be as secure…

10 best writing apps for android users new

10 Best Writing Apps for Android users

Are you looking for the best writing apps for Android? This article will list the best android apps for writers to improve their writing skills. Bloggers, tech writers, screenwriters, magazine writers, novelists, authors, and researchers are many types of writers….

wifi Mobile HotSpot

What is a mobile hotspot and How does it work?

Wifi technology has evolved rapidly in the last few years. You can access wifi in every public location that you visit. There are two types of mobile hotspots you can find: hotspots offered by service providers and in-house hotspots. You…

windows 11 features and release date
Windows 11

Windows 11: The Latest Operating System from Microsoft

Windows 11 is finally here, and as you probably have heard, it is pretty amazing. A redesigned sleek desktop, new multitasking features, Android app integration, and much more await you in Windows 11. It will no longer support Windows 8…

How to

How to password protect a folder on Windows?

Are you trying to secure a password protect a folder on a Windows computer? If you have a folder or file that you don’t want to show in Windows, then you can password protect it. Password protecting a document, spreadsheet,…