How to install the WhatsApp messenger app using Andy Android Emulator?


Now that it is made available for the entire platform, people are making use of it to the maximum. Staying connected has never been so easy before. Andy android emulator is the best option to use this.

No cost involved in staying in touch with your friends who stays far away in different states or countries.

Group chats are the best thing because all your friends will be under one roof, therefore, sharing the information of any event is much easier now.

You just need to update the time and venue and you will see how your friends flock the place before you reach there. So it is actually saving you time because you don’t have to call each one in person and invite them over.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter anymore whether you are an Android user and your friends have a blackberry or iPhone because you can now all exchange your messages without any hitches.

Now WhatsApp for PC will make things even easier for its users.

how to install whatsapp messenger app using andy android emulator

Making use of Andy Android Emulator for Whatsapp

Download and Install Whatsapp messenger app from Google play store

When you are trying to use an app that is meant for Smartphone users on your PC, then you will require help from outside to get it downloaded on your PC.

In the case of Android apps, you can use an emulator which doesn’t only provide you the service of downloading it to your PC, but also provides you with several other features that are worth trying out.

If you are using an emulator for downloading and installing WhatsApp on PC Windows then you can make use of wireless network connection to get it done.

Then the major attraction for using this emulating tool over others is that it can help you in making use of your cell phone as Joystick.

Another important feature of this emulating tool is that it will help you with easy streaming between your mobile device and your personal computer.

It is one of the best tools to download the messenger apps on your PC and enjoy all the features of the apps just like you do on your Smartphone. All rights reserved to developers.

andy android emulator

Download and install WhatsApp for PC

It provides all these rich features absolutely free of cost. Moreover, it comes with ample storage capacity so now you don’t have to worry about storing while downloading any app. Now you follow the steps described below religiously in order to get WhatsApp Messenger app on your PC.

  • You first have to go to the official website of Andy Android emulator and download it from there
  • Now you need to run the program in order to get it installed
  • For a successful installation, you will have to make sure that you follow the instructions carefully
  • When the emulator gets successfully installed, you will be ready to use it
  • Double click on the icon to open it from the desktop
  • Now type in the name of the app in the search box
  • When it comes up with the result, click on the relevant one and click install
  • The app will start downloading and at the end of it the installation process will start automatically

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When the installation is completed you will have the app ready to be used on your PC.

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