Video downloading apps: Download Favorite videos in Smartphone

Video downloading apps. Before knowing about the video downloading apps, let me know your zeal of watching videos. How do you like watching videos, whether online or offline? Many of us might be using high-speed internet.

Video downloading apps in smartphones

Even though you may not have high-speed internet you may not have it all the time. Hence it is always a better idea to save or download your videos offline.

For that, you don’t need to have special permission. You just simply need a video downloading the app. On the video downloading apps you can directly download a video from any websites.

There is a specific video downloading apps for specific websites like YouTube, Facebook, etc.

On some official websites like youtube and Facebook, we do not have direct access to download video clips and other official videos. In those cases, these video download apps help you the best.

List of Best video downloading apps

Here are some of the best video downloading apps for you to download a clip or to download a movie from any of the websites on the web.

1. Android Video Downloader

This android video downloader was one of the best and free video downloader apps that are available on the internet.

By using this AVD you can get access through any video to download.

The only drawback in this app is that downloading a youtube is not configured in this app. Other than that the entire interface is so good to use.

In the Android Video Downloader, you can download more than one video at a time.

There is also a feasibility to check your download speed. This app was Multilanguage supported.

This was to date has more than 15 million downloads and stands best in the top 50 android apps.

2. Tube Video Mate Downloader

The Tube Video Mate Downloader is one of the best video downloader apps for android.

This video downloading app is having a very high speed downloading.

By using this app you can download videos from any websites. You can the videos in different formats as specified to your device.

The interface is very simple and easy to use. You can resume the broken video downloads.

You can pause your video or restart at any time of download. This app is most suitable to download large size videos.

In this app you can also see the preview of the video before downloading it. This app is most suitable to download videos from youtube.

3. Download manager

The download manager is best supported for android users among all the other video downloading apps. In this app you can download your videos in HD.

You can also download videos in any format. Even though this download manager has many free features you can get very interesting features by paying some bucks.

You can download files in any format on any website. The download speed is increased than any other video downloading apps.

You can quickly pause or resume your videos while downloading. HTML5 videos and websites are supported. Even java scripts are supported as well in this video downloading app.

For sharing activities Facebook and Google+ services are also integrated with this video downloader app.

4. Full Video downloader

If you are choosing the best of video downloading apps with good performance, interruption-free and many more, just prefer this Full Video Downloader. This video downloader app satisfies the user the most.

You can also grab some images using this app other than videos.

When you install this app this will automatically ask you for video downloads that are available on the browsers.

It is very simple to use. This was a powerful android app.

This app is most suitable for low-end smartphones. It is easy to pause and resume downloading videos.

5. TubeMate

As we know youtube does not allow downloading videos within its official websites. So there are many alternatives to download youtube videos.

There are many video downloading apps made especially to download videos from youtube.

The tubemate is the best one among those best video downloading apps.

The best feature of Tubemate is that unlike other video downloading apps you can directly view your videos in the app.

By this, it will be like a preview before downloading the best quality videos. In tubemate, you can even select the resolution of the videos.


Everybody likes to watch videos. Many of us go online for that. What if your internet connection brakes at that point? After that, you might feel to download this video.

So at that instant, these video downloading apps help you the most. By using these video downloading apps you can download many videos from different websites.

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So why to waste your MB by simply seeing videos online? Download the videos which will be used in the future also for watching or sharing. Download any one of the video downloading apps and get started.

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