Best iPhone apps: Unique Apps for Apple iPhone Users

As the use of iPhones is increasing day by day there is a much more necessity of the best iPhone apps for them as we surf the internet or the apple app stores we find a bulk of these unique apple apps.

While talking about iPhone apps, there is great trouble for every user that is there are a lot of apps in the apple stores. Every app that we see will look the best.

We cannot have them all on our phones. Hence here I filtered the gems of the best apps that will be helpful for your daily needs.

Before installing these apps, you have to read the privacy policy and terms and conditions of the particular applications. All rights reserved to the developers.

Best iPhone apps Unique Apps for Apple iPhone Users

Best iPhone apps for your daily use

Here are the great iPhone apps that are useful in your daily life. These have been filtered from many apps for the best performance for your iPhone. There are also some of the top apps for Apple users of all time.

1. Word Flow (free)

You might never have been experiencing a day without chatting. How do you chat? It will be basically, with two hands struggling so much.

Here is one of the cool apps for iPhones that will help you type with one hand. The keyboard will be slightly inclined and makes it easy to get every letter near to the thumb.

This will be helpful for both right-hand and left-hand users. You can change your hand access as per your wish.

2. My script Nebo (free)

Everybody who is using an iPad should be aware of this app. This is one of the special apps for notes. It is a feature best note-taking app.

The two things that should be remembered while using this app are that it is best used in an iPad with an apple pencil.

You can convert your handwriting on the notepad into a document, you can also do problems by just simply writing on the screen this free app have much more than this.

You can explore much from the app store.

3. Patronus (free)

As to say this was one of the best navigational apps for your iPhone. This app allows you to share your address location with your contacts. You can also have the best security app by using this.

For additional features, there are also in-app purchases available.

You can also share your location with your visitors and after you reach your destination the app automatically closes down.

For navigation other than these apps you can try these best navigation apps

4. RunGo (free)

Health consciousness has become an integrated part of everybody’s life. Hence iPhones also integrated some of the health apps in it.

Among them, the RunGo comes first on the way. If you are unfamiliar with the routes or want to explore some new routes for your jogging then simply install this app on your iPhone.

This app helps you find safe and better routes for your healthy jogging.

You can also save the routes for offline use. There is also a facility to use voice navigation.

5. Prisma (free)

It is sure that every iPhone user needs a photo editing app for the iPhone. Prisma saves you time a lot of editing.

The photos you take can be converted into stylized work of arts. There are several styles in the app like Munk, Picasso or Mondrian that are useful to create your photo art in various styles.

You can simply click your image in the gallery and export it to the app and select the style and everything is done by the Prisma app.

6. SnapGuide (free)

Many of us want to explore many new things. To do this we need a background guide. Here is one of the most loyal iPhone apps to guide you with how-to guides.

There is no worry to do additional things. You simply can search for everything in the SnapGuide. The SnapGuide lists a wide range of how-to tutorials.

A full-page photo guided tutorials help you explore much more than just learning.

7. Sage Solitaire (Free)

When coming to the gaming world in the iPhone, the Sage Solitaire is the best game apps for the iPhone.

Here on the iPhone, this is the best game app that gives you mental peace from all your frustrations. The paid version of sage solitaire gives you the same apps as a free one.

Except that you can get rid of ads in the paid ones.

8. Slacker Radio (free)

If you are a music lover then you need to have one of these beautiful and most useful iPhone apps for music.

Have you ever wondered about listening to the best music in the world then you should have chosen this slacker radio? Here in this app, you can find the best music region wise.

Just select a region and it will guide you to the best music of that place.

If you are up to music then you can try these best DJ apps

9. Whether underground (free)

For whether broadcasting sure that there are many greatest applications. But this one gives you a good experience of knowing whether.

The best thing about this app is that it has a good interface. The interface is so simple and everybody likes it as it is so user-friendly.

The appreciated thing in this app is that it sticks to what it can do the best.

10. Drafts (Premium App)

The Drafts are the most helpful iPhone applications that you can afford Any idea you think may just slip your mind before you implement it.

Hence here comes the Drafts app which is a little costlier. You may think why to afford for this app. But the features are as is.

The interface is so good that you can even open it very fast. And also there are additional options like sending them in male or any other messenger apps.


Finally to say these are the most reliable iPhone application filtered from hundreds of app, suitable for users for all their works.

Many of these best iPhone apps are for free.

You can just give a try to them. If you like them you can purchase them.

Other than these there are many other similar apps that you can try for your iPhone. Just give them a try for a thrilling experience.

Best iPhone apps: Unique Apps for Apple iPhone Users
Best iPhone apps: Unique Apps for Apple iPhone Users
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