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In the ever-evolving landscape of human-computer interaction, a groundbreaking innovation has emerged: the MouthPad. This tongue-driven touchpad redefines accessibility and control, offering a seamless way to interact with your devices. Let’s dive into what makes the MouthPad so remarkable.

What Is the MouthPad?

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The MouthPad is the world’s first available hands-free touchpad designed to be operated by your tongue. Here are the key features that set it apart:

  1. Tongue-Driven Interface: Virtually invisible to the world, the MouthPad is positioned across the roof of your mouth. It detects every movement and gesture of your tongue in real-time, allowing for standard cursor control and clicks. Imagine having the power of a conventional touchpad at the tip of your tongue!
  2. Cross-Platform Support: No need for extra software installations—the MouthPad can connect straight out of the box with most standard operating systems. Whether you’re using a desktop (MacOS, Windows, Linux) or a mobile device (iOS, Android), the MouthPad has you covered.
  3. Fully Wireless: Connect and control your device via Bluetooth technology. When not in use, simply place it in its charging case for automatic recharging.
  4. Dental-Grade Materials: Each custom-made MouthPad leverages the latest advancements in 3D printing, electronic encapsulation, and dental materials. It’s designed for optimal comfort and functionality.


Supported PlatformsDesktop
– MacOS, Windows, Linux
– iOS, Android
Technical DetailsThickness
– General device thickness: ~0.7mm
– Battery Time: 5+ hours of continuous use
– Charge Time: ~2 hours
– Safety: Stainless steel encapsulation
– Safety Testing: UN 38.3 and IEC 62133 passed
– Dental resin
What’s In The BoxMouthPad^
– Size: ~30 x 50 x 80 mm
– Weight: ~7.5 g
Charging Case
– Size: 38 x 75 x 95 mm
– Charging Cable: USB-C to USB-A

Applications and Accessibility

The MouthPad is a game-changer for various scenarios:

  • Assistive Technology: Individuals with physical disabilities can now navigate their laptops, tablets, and phones with ease. The discreet placement of the MouthPad ensures privacy while enhancing accessibility.
  • Creative Expression: Unleash your creativity! Whether you’re an artist, designer, or simply love doodling, the MouthPad provides a unique canvas for your tongue-driven gestures.
  • Seamless Interaction: Imagine scrolling through web pages, editing documents, or playing games—all without lifting a finger. The MouthPad makes it possible.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) refers to a technology that overlays digital information, such as images, videos, or 3D models, onto the real-world environment. Unlike virtual reality (VR), which creates a completely immersive digital experience, AR enhances the real world by adding virtual elements to it.

AR technology typically relies on devices like smartphones, tablets, or dedicated AR glasses to superimpose digital content onto the physical world. It works by using sensors, cameras, and algorithms to recognize and track real-world objects and surfaces, then accurately place virtual content in relation to them.

Applications of augmented reality span various industries, including gaming, education, healthcare, retail, architecture, and entertainment. AR can be used for interactive gaming experiences, immersive educational simulations, virtual try-on experiences for shopping, enhancing training and visualization in medicine, and creating engaging marketing campaigns, among other uses.

Overall, augmented reality enhances our perception of reality by blending the physical and digital worlds, offering unique and interactive experiences.

Early Access and Beyond

Augmental, the visionary behind the MouthPad, invites you to join their exciting journey. Sign up for the Early Access waitlist and be among the first to experience this groundbreaking technology. By participating, you’ll shape the future of human-computer interaction.

Remember, the MouthPad is currently in development for early adopters. When it’s your turn, you’ll have the opportunity to confirm your purchase and be part of this transformative movement.

Ready to revolutionize the way you interact with your devices? Explore the MouthPad and embrace a touchpad like never before!

Learn more about the MouthPad on the Augmental website.

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