Some time ago we brought you some of the most interesting quotes from Steve Jobs, and today we look at one of the myths of contemporary physics. Stephen Hawking is a brilliant scientist and an example of how to face the most terrible adversity. So today’s article will serve as a tribute to this illustrious researcher.

Stephen Hawkins phrases

First, know a little life of Stephen Hawking and we will review over its complex work, and then choose some of his best quotes. We are facing a bright, ahead of its time and very skeptical mind so that their statements can teach valuable lessons for the day.

Stephen Hawking’s life:

Stephen Hawking was born in Oxford in 1942, the son of a specialized researcher in biology. His full name is Stephen William Hawking. During his childhood, he was a good student, although nothing outstanding. Although he wanted to study mathematics, he chose to study the natural sciences at the University of Oxford, where his interest was aroused by thermodynamics, relativity, and quantum mechanics. Students were surprised by his intelligence in college, but their academic habits were sloppy (they practiced long or boredom caused their classes), and notes were taken discretely.

He received his Ph.D. in Physics from Cambridge in 1966, but he has received twelve doctorates honoris causa over the years. During his graduation, he began to experience the first symptoms of ALS and had to leave for a short time. According to those who warned doctors, they mysteriously outlived two or three years. He began a career during which he deepened the theory of black holes (in collaboration with Roger Penrose) and singularities in relativity, and also developed models for the spatial-temporal limits of the universe.

Stephen Hawking's graduation

His illness has gone down, but he has not departed from the public scene, He still speaks with a voice synthesizer from his wheelchair. He was the Lucasian Chair of the University of Cambridge (which once belonged to Isaac Newton) for 30 years and received the Prince of Asturias Award in 1989. He has published scientific works, among them the successful “Brief History of Weather.” Stephen Hawking, who is approaching his 73rd birthday and is suffering from a serious illness, can only communicate but remains an example of scientific genius and willpower.


Mixing science and religion is always controversial, and questioning the work of Albert Einstein ensures care. Throughout his career, Stephen Hawking made discoveries that contradicted the traditional idea of a deterministic universe, and out of them came one of his most famous phrases, which in turn is based on a quote from Einstein that is not true. This is what he said:

Einstein had rejected the idea that God plays dice. However, all evidence indicates that God is an inveterate gambler.

In the late nineteenth century, some thought that physics was close to being a science with nothing more to discover. Then came relativity and quantum mechanics to show us that we were just beginning to know reality . It’s easy to believe that we’ve come so far as to live in advanced societies, but Stephen Hawking knows there’s still a lot to learn.

Many have been awarded Nobel prizes to prove that the universe is not as simple as we could have thought.

Now, it is an interesting and dramatic phrase, but it is difficult for those who do not know advanced physics. And that means a topological model of the universe in which there are no boundaries in space-time, and in which the Big Bang singularity is replaced by a region called the North Pole. This event is very interesting in this context:

Wondering what existed before the Big Bang is like asking what is north of the North Pole.

Does science aspire to create a better reality? Maybe it easy (or not) to say that when we talk about being big or small, cold or hot, but when working with tiny particles, we begin to seriously doubt that we know how they really are. All that matters, according to Hawking, is that the mathematical artifice created is consistent, regardless of whether you set something real or not.

I am a positivist who believes that physical theories are just mathematical models we build, and it makes no sense to ask whether they correspond to reality; only if predict observations.

Stephen Hawking in university

What Happened to Stephen Hawking?

The truth is that Stephen Hawking’s life has been hard. Although he has exceeded the 50 years’ time that doctors gave him when they discovered his illness, the famous physicist has not had it easy. Others had surrendered, but the British have always stood out for his unwavering spirit and have never shied away from its activity. This quote explains it perfectly:

You cannot afford to be disabled in spirit as well as physically.

Stephen Hawking is an atheist, no doubt, but does not hesitate to use the word “God” when he wants to lead. sometimes as a metaphor for the laws that govern the universe, and sometimes as an imaginary being. This is one of his typical daring phrases, which says that God must be boring. Of course, with their intellectual curiosity, it is a very coherent statement:

The human race needs an intellectual challenge.It must be boring to be God, and have nothing to discover.

Stephen Hawking Although not religious, there is no doubt that humans have something special, that has never been seen before on Earth. And this quotation makes it very clear that the origins of mankind could not be more humble, but we should aspire to everything, especially knowledge, which is what will make us accomplish things that seem impossible:

We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. However, we can understand the universe.That makes us something very special.

We have already seen that Stephen Hawking takes everything good that can come out of his serious illness, but he is an intelligent person. It is not just your attitude, knows that the best thing for him and those around him is to stay positive. This interesting phrase gives us an idea of how such a sensitive issue arises:

It is a waste of time being angry about my disability. One has to go on, and I have not done wrong. People do not pay attention if you’re always angry or complaining.

Stephen Hawkings

The future:

Stephen Hawking likes to speculate on issues that seem to be taken from science fiction. I do not see it as likely that we will soon contact aliens, but the English physicist does not think that is good for us. If you came to Earth, the result could be similar to films like Independence Day, but with a very different ending. This is his statement:

If aliens visit us, the outcome would be no different from the arrival of Columbus to America. And we know that was not very good for Native Americans.

The debate about whether science is dangerous is very old, but Hawking is clear that it is. Humans are capable of the worst, and science and technology merely allow us to further exercise our destructive power. This phrase represents a clear example of a man of clear pacifist ideals, who is conscious of the responsibilities of science:

The danger lies in our power to harm or destroy the environment, or neighbor increases much faster than our wisdom in the use of that power.

Here is another example showing that Hawking does not harbor much faith in humanity. Though we saw that human intelligence makes it a unique creature, that does not mean there is a real utility for the species to survive. This is what he said on this issue, a phrase that can give us food for thought:

It is not clear that intelligence has any survival value long term.

Finally, a very interesting quote in the year during which a human probe has landed on a comet. Hawking reflects on the future of mankind in the coming centuries, and it is clear that we have to leave the planet where we were born. The famous scientist may not believe in humanity, but he believes in technological progress:

I do not think the human race will survive the next thousand years unless we disseminate through space.There are many accidents that can end the life of a single planet.But I am optimistic.Reach for the stars.

Stephen Hawking – An exceptional man

Stephen Hawkings 5

Since then, Stephen Hawking has been a special man, both physically and as a person. Although his work has not been deserving of a Nobel Prize. His life full of adversity has caused it to be one of the most renowned scientists today. Today his academic work can be terminated, but the figure is still very important.

    Of course, these quotes have taught us much about a single human being who has never given up. For me, it is a pity that Stephen Hawking’s health deteriorated so quickly because he could have done much for the popularization of science. In any case, thanks to books and A Brief History of Time, we will remember this man forever.

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    What do you think of Stephen Hawking? You think it’s a unique scientific, or rather its fame is due to marketing that has managed to attract around?

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