Best Free Firewall List for Windows Users Security

best free firewall list for windows users

Computers are very likely to suffer severe damage to the system due to virus attacks. When it has a network of the internet is always advisable to have installed any antivirus? It will help us to be protected from the threat of any hacker. One of the perfect complements of antivirus and best free firewalls are, as this helps maintain privacy online. 

Basically, these supplements prevent unwanted when accessing internet connections. Here we mentioned a few of the best firewall lists for windows users for better protection from hackers and other malicious scripts.

Best free firewall list for windows users in 2020

The List of Best Free Firewall for Windows PC users

Comodo1. Adblocker,
2. Custom DNS servers,
3. Virtual Kiosk,
4. Compatible with the latest Windows versions.
5. Timely controls.
Streamlined security, comes with Comodo Dragon secure browserGrab the tool
ZoneAlarm1. Comes with Free antivirus + Firewall
2. Multiple security layers
3. Customizable interface
4. Online backup
5 GB free cloud backup
Free firewall protection
Grab the tool
Glasswire1.Careful alerts,
2. Data usage tracking,
3. Visual network monitoring,
4. Toolbox of network checks,
5. Wi-Fi evil twin detection,
6. Lock Down mode,
7. Mini graph
1. Easy to install
2. You can block all unwanted incoming traffic with a single click
Grab the tool
TinyWall1. No pop-up ads,
2. Powerful scanning option,
3. customizable options,
4. Wi-Fi protection,
Real-time alerts,
Instant firewall configuration,
Dedicated LAN controlling options
1. No pop-ups.
2. The auto-learn feature makes it easy to create exceptions.
Grab the tool

1. Comodo Firewall

Comodo Free Firewall is the most popular firewall of excellent quality, as it allows to be protected from potential viruses when surfing the net.

The comodo free firewall interface is simple and comfortable to operate. It has advanced features to adjust the level of security you want to have in your computer settings. 

It also has an anti-malware tool to remove and block the possible leaks. Check the homepage link for more added features. This is one of the Best Free Firewall protection tool of the year 2023.


  • Comodo Free Firewall: Free
  • Comodo Full Protection: $39.99/year


  • Adblocker,
  • Custom DNS servers,
  • Virtual Kiosk,
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10
  • Timely controls.


  • Streamlined for security novices.
  • Have a special Comodo Dragon secure browser


  • No protection for exploit attack.
  • Default settings with automatic sandboxing are disabled.

2. Ashampoo Firewall Free Edition

It is another program that allows you to increase security on your computer. It is a perfect entry-level tool user since it has an easy to use interface. 

This best free firewall is accepted by users due to its good performance and efficiency when performing operations. Check the homepage for more added features.

3. PC Tools Firewall Plus Free Edition

It has all the tools needed to establish itself as the best free firewall. One of its main features is the quick location of outsiders who want to communicate with your computer. 

This software blocks unknown networks automatically, and then proceed with their analysis. Check the homepage for more added features.

4. ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2023 is an application that has great experience in the area of firewalls. 

It presents the tools to detect and block intruders connections also may restrict access to some applications where the user requires. ZoneAlarm Free Firewall for Windows 10 is also available. You can download ZoneAlarm free firewall and install it in your system for better protection.


  • Comes with Free antivirus + Firewall
  • Multiple security layers
  • Customizable interface
  • Online backup


  • Comes with 5 GB of free cloud backup
  • Integration with much other security programs


  • Zero protection for escapade attack
  • Showing a red flag for some positive files also

5. GlassWire

Glasswire is a perfect firewall to detect all types of hidden threats. It scans every file which is coming from the internet from the backend. This security platform detects malware and blocks badly behaving apps immediately.

This is one of the best Free firewall protection tool.

Price: Free


  • Careful alerts,
  • Data usage tracking,
  • Visual network monitoring,
  • Toolbox of network checks,
  • Wi-Fi evil twin detection,
  • Lock Down mode,
  • Mini graph


  • Easy to install
  • Interface is clean
  • You can block all unwanted incoming traffic with a single click


  • limited features in Free version
  • The weakness to block all apps at once.

6. Windows Firewall

It is the default and basic firewall in Windows operating system. Many users consider this tool as one of the best, and that over the years has evolved to improve aspects of the interface and security. 

This software behaves quietly and efficiently in the system blocks any strange behavior on your computer. Check the homepage for more added features.

7. TinyWall

Tinywall is another firewall in the best freeware for windows 10 users. It protects your PC from all types of threats when you access the internet.

It protects the port of your computer from hackers by blocking the malicious scripts every time. So your sensitive data is safe.

Price: Free


  • No pop-up ads,
  • Powerful scanning option,
  • customizable options,
  • Wi-Fi protection,
  • Real-time alerts,
  • Instant firewall configuration,
  • Dedicated LAN controlling options


  • No pop-ups.
  • The auto-learn feature makes it easy to create exceptions.


  • No protection for exploit attack.
  • need some improvement for web-based programs access

8. Norton

Norton firewall is the part of Norton suites like antivirus and internet security solutions. these are offering from Norton company. This is also called a Smart Firewall. It uses their own database to scan the files which are coming from the internet.

Price: Free


  • Fully programmed and advanced protection feature against cyberattacks,
  • It blocks phishing websites immediately
  • It protects and monitors the home network


  • Full protection from Viruses with a 100% guarantee.
  • It authenticates trusted websites before accessing


  • Less protection against spyware
  • No Parental control in both Mac and IOS devices

Finally, it is recommended to properly supplement with a good antivirus and firewall, as this helps to eliminate any foreign agent on our computer. 

Firewalls block any suspicious movement on the computer, while the antivirus analyzed and discarded if necessary, any virus, Trojan, worm, or hacker.

Some other firewall software rocking on the internet

Here is a list of some free firewalls for windows that was suggested to us lately and that are queued for testing:

Note: Windows XP already contains a mediocre firewall. This firewalls are not having any replacement for a dedicated software solution. Windows have a powerful most useful and completely free firewall system and No need to install firewall separately and antivirus software. Microsoft windows protected with Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials (Free Microsoft Firewall Protection).

Final Words

There are hundreds of PC protecting software that is landing every year. But most of the companies are failed to give trusted protection for the Windows PC users.

Before making a purchase, every PC user should have a minimum knowledge of PC security. I have included a few of the best free firewall tools in this article.

Most of the companies providing this Firewall security along with their premium products. So choose the correct product which is suitable for your windows PC.

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