How to Save Android Battery Life to Speed up Smartphone?


If your Android device stays on all day, it could be that sometimes not reached the end of our journey. Although Android Battery Life is increasingly better quality and higher capacity.

Save Android Battery Life to Speed up Smartphone?

We did not notice a longer duration of these, as the screens are larger and increasingly use applications that require more power. Therefore, we will try to give you tips to extend and optimize the use of Android Battery Life.

How to Save Android Battery Life to Speed up Smartphone?

1. Uninstall the programs, If not using

Android provides a feature that lets you control which applications are running and monitor the amount of energy they are using. 

To access this feature go to Settings > Battery. This will show how much battery is using by individual applications and services. 

To close or get more information about the applications listed, we just touch up the application. We must use this function with caution because if you close too many processes, the device may become unstable. 

In fact, display running applications also can help us to uninstall applications you do not use very often and we are hogging much battery usage.

Reduce power usage in android

2. Reduce the Brightness and Manage Display Settings

The brightness and display settings are one of the options that will help us conserve battery power if we use our smartphone because the screen stays on while we make use of the vast majority of applications. 

To set the amount of brightness we access Settings> Display> Brightness; Some devices also allow you to change the brightness from the menu on the notification bar, which will help us quickly choose the more suited to our environment lighting brightness. 

For example, in a place without light need a very low gloss, while, on sunny days will require more shine to display the screen.


In the same option as before (Settings> Display) can also manage other features: select a static wallpaper (moving funds require more battery always be used in the background), adjust the idle time before to activate the lock screen (maybe selecting the minimum of 15 seconds is too annoying, but finding an average of 30 seconds will help us save the battery that much we miss the end of the day).

3. Turn off Wi-Fi, Mobile Data and Bluetooth when not in use

As long as we do not use wireless technologies in our device we disable either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Both connections are quick menu of the taskbar a button to turn them off but also can disconnect following this path Settings> Wireless & networks. For example, if we leave home and no longer connect us to a Wi-Fi should disable it.

disable wifi and blutooth

Another connection that we can optimize when we give our connections using 4G or higher would reduce it to 3G. This will reduce battery drain as long as no bulky downloads are made, as this connection is slower and therefore force our device to be more time downloading files. 

turn off the wifi

For example, if you only use simple instant messaging applications, as it could be WhatsApp, would save energy with a 3G connection while YouTube videos will be too slow speed we end up spending more battery. 

Access to this configuration from Settings> Mobile networks> preferred network type.

4. Disable Geolocation services

Every day more applications require permits us to obtain our location in real-time. This can be useful sometimes, such as in the use of Google Now.

Turn off the GPS

But sometimes, if users are not data related to our location we will produce an unnecessary expense. Therefore, we turn off location in Settings> Location

On the other hand, we should not worry us turn again since when an application requires GPS, as might be the browser of Google Maps, we asked if we activate it.

5. Use good battery-saving apps

If you do not want to worry us to manually perform all these settings, we can find an application that is responsible for us and help us to optimize the performance of our device.

There are few free android apps available to control smartphone battery back-ups like the Battery Doctor app. Just install and control your mobile battery by following app indications.


This simple and effective tips to Save Android Battery Life to Speed up Smartphone.

The battery is one of the most important aspects of our phones, therefore, we should take constant care of what we consume. 

We have suggested care level brightness, never carry more than necessary connections and disable Bluetooth, Mobile Data, and Wi-Fi as long as we are not using. 

We recommend not using wallpapers movement, especially those who have no default on the device, since running in the background all the time.

 Finally, if we want to manually perform all these steps through the settings, you can try different battery-saving apps available in the Google Play Store.

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