Search engine optimization is vital for companies who want to have a successful marketing strategy.

This is true for businesses of all sizes, large and small, and it includes an array of different techniques and elements that need to work with one another in order to succeed.

how to use social networking sites for better SEO

This article gives details on Utilization methods on Social Networking for better SEO

With the advent and popularity of social networking sites over the past decade, it’s only natural that it can make a big difference in a company’s SEO strategy.

Here are a few ways that you can use them together.

Point to remember before using Social Networking

1. Content

You have content on your website, naturally. However, you can also have content on many of your social networking sites. It’s possible to put up more than just posts.

You can also add videos, photos, and links back to your site. All of these elements are important for improving your SEO, as well as for keeping your followers and fans up to date and entertained.

Something else you will find through your social networking accounts is some great ideas for new content.

Some of your readers may actually request that you do an article or a video about something in particular.

You can be sure you are providing the readers and viewers with something that they actually want.

2. Sharing

When people find things that they like on social networking media, such as the content mentioned above, they want to let their friends and family know.

They share the information. When this includes information about your company or product, it’s as good for your site and brand as link building and is really the new word of mouth for the digital world.

One of the nice things about sharing is that it actually reduces the reliance on regular natural search traffic.

The people who see your information will also have a better chance of actually visiting your site since the recommendation came from someone they know.

3. Going Local

Everyone seems to be on a mobile device today.

They are often checking their accounts and posting while they are out and on the town.

By leveraging some of your social media marketing for the local crowd, it can provide a boon to brick and mortar businesses.

Some of the sites to consider include Yelp and Foursquare.


As the years unfold, it’s certain that SEO and social media will be more entwined than ever.

Make sure you keep up to date with all of the changes and all of the new ways that you can make them work with one another.

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