How to Make Money Online for Free on YouTube

How to make money on Youtube gnuinely

Are you planning to start a youtube video to make money on Youtube? If yes, This is the basic guide on where to start now.

Through their videos on YouTube can earn some money (any money means that if you succeed you can live it). You can make money through the YouTube Partner Program, which is already available in India also since 2011.

How to make money on YouTube?

There are already a lot of bloggers earning a significant amount of money just posting your videos on YouTube. In this article, I am discussing a few points on How to Make Money on Youtube

How to make money online for free on YouTube?

What is the YouTube Partner Program?

Learn how to increase the speed that carries videos, Youtube, disabling the DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP).

The program partner with YouTube is the form found by sharing their advertising revenue with all bloggers, artists and other users who post daily their videos on YouTube sites.

But I’m just going to make money as well, without any announcement? No. The partnership program displays advertisements in two ways:

  • You allow Google Adsense ads are displayed on your videos
  • You put your videos on sites to be “hired” by Google AdWord advertisers.

However, not just anyone can enter this program. We must comply with certain requirements to become a YouTube partner.

Requirements for the YouTube Partner Program to make money on YouTube

YouTube has a number of criteria to join the partner program, they must be completed in full form, ie you must complete all program requirements. You can check all here. The following shows some of the main requirements:

  • Your account must be in good standing and has not previously been disabled for monetization;
  • Your video must be original, with quality and hassle for the owner;
  • The content of your video should be within the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
  • You should upload videos regularly, and they must be popular.
  • You must be 18 years or parental consent to allow you to participate.

What are the advantages of participating in the program to make money on YouTube?

YouTube offers its partners a very large range in their country of origin, and also in foreign countries. People see hundreds of millions of videos a day on YouTube and make uploading thousands of videos. Currently, YouTube is the largest video site in the world and the fourth largest Internet destination in the world.

How to Join the Program?

Most people think that go around tweeting is what will ensure the most famous micro-blogging audience of the moment.

If you have a channel on YouTube and successfully fulfill the requirements of the program, enjoy it! This is a good way to start earning a cash-only producing videos.

Make a video about music, games, tutorials, about what you want, you can be accepted into the YouTube partner program and start monetizing your videos right now! I just need a little creativity to start recording!

    If you need more information about the YouTube partner program, please visit the Google Help Center.

    There you will find various information about the program. You can enroll in the program accessing Youtube Partner Program. Then you can make money on YouTube.

    Do not forget to leave your comments, and any questions just comment!

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