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Hello bloggers, this post introducing “How to unblock a friend from Facebook”, it helps to shield others profiles from spamming.

We love to be entertained and Facebook is the awesome platform for everyone. But few people miss using this social networking site by posting some spam links and tagging us to that spam posts or messages. We immediately block such people easily by visiting their profile. Mostly female users will face such type of problems with facebook. But sometimes if we come to know that he/she account who tagged you to spam links or dirty posts is affected with some hackers of facebook and this happens without actual user control, we realize and want to be a friend of that particular person again. So if we want to be a friend of that person again we have to unblock the person whom we blocked before. So find a step by step procedure below how to unblock a friend from facebook. This procedure is similar as “How Do You Unblock Someone from Messenger“.

How to unblock a friend from Facebook profile:

This steps helps you how to unblock a person on facebook. Follow the steps and unblock people from facebook.

  1. Before do this you need to login your Facebook account. Enter your facebook user ID and password then press login. After you logging in to your facebook account you can find a down arrow symbol at the right corner of the home page. For the reference check the below image in that you can find the down arrow option symbol marked with a red color arrow. How to unblock a friend from Facebook
  2. After clicking on the down arrow symbol which you found at the right corner of the home page a column with options like create page , create group , new group soon will be opened down to that option, in that you can find the 8th option that is ‘settings’ mentioned with red color sketch in the below image. How to unblock a friend from Facebook - facebook settings
  3. Clicking on the ‘settings’ option the settings of your facebook account will open. Then in that settings page, you can find so many setting options.
  4. At the left side of the page and in that options you can find a option named ‘blocking’ which is 5th one in a row.
  5. After a click on the blocking setting you can find list of friends whom you already blocked before.
  6. Next click on ‘unblock’ setting at the name of person whom you want to unblock, for example I am going to unblock “basavaraj prabhas”. You can check the below image which is marked clearly with red sketch. In the screenshot, you are seeing My Blocked List on Facebook.How to unblock a friend from Facebook - Blocking and Unblock
  7. Next you will get a window asks to confirm the action or to cancel the action of unblocking your friend , if you are sure that you are unblocking the right person whom you want to unblock then click on ‘confirm’ option . unblocking confirmation from facebook profile security
  8. Then you will get back to blocking setting page, and the person you unblocked will automatically removed from the list of blocked friends.


Finally after the process of unblocking the person from the blocking list, from then onwards you can see all his/her facebook activities in your home page that are whatever he posts or shares. In the same way the unblocked person also can see all your activities whatever you shares or posts.

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