How to download Amazon Prime movies?


If you are a prime member, you have the privilege of watching all the movies and shows available on Amazon Prime. You can stream your movies and shows wherever you want and on all your devices. But what if you want to stream offline movies at a place where you find it difficult to connect to the internet? In this case, you need to watch a film offline.

how to download amazon prime videos to computer

Amazon Prime gives you the best option to download your movies offline. Here is a quick guide for you to download Amazon Prime movies offline. Of course, I am a big fan of the kid’s series Tumble Leaf, and my kids love to watch the episodes more than once. So to save data, I thought of downloading the episodes offline. So, after some research, I found this practical way to watch the series from the Amazon Prime free downloadable movies. 

Advantages of Streaming Online vs Downloading 

Streaming Online

Watch quality movies wherever you need and also you can stream your video on any device.  

Offline Download

Watch movies even when there is no internet connection to your mobile.   

Download Amazon Prime movies offline

In the amazon prime application, you can download any movie or a show to watch offline and whenever you are not in reach of an active internet connection. If you do not have the prime video app, download it immediately from the app store. Do you know how to download the excellent amazon app from the Google Playstore? It is easy to

To download movies of amazon prime offline, follow these steps.

Step 1: Installing the App

To access the Amazon Prime videos and tv shows you need access to the official site.

Go for the downloaded amazon prime video movies from your device.

You can purchase or try the 30-day free trial from this link. 

Once you register your account on Amazon Prime you need to download the app from the play store.

Download the application from the Playstore and sign in with the credentials.

signin into your prime account

Step.2: Your movie

Once you sign in to the prime video, you can stream all the premium movies and shows in the application. You can directly stream your videos by clicking on the watch now button.

Now choose the movie you want to download and open the movie. 

Step.3: Download

You will find a button showing the download option below the watch now button. To download your video click on that button. 

choose Download
amazon prime movies download free

Step. 4: choosing the location and download quality

Once you click on the button, it will show you some options to choose from. 

If your phone or tablet has an SD card slot, you will be asked where you want your video to be saved.

Choose either internal storage or SD card as your storage location. 

Now choose the movie’s video quality to be downloaded based on your device’s internet and storage and click on the “Start Download” button.

And your video starts downloading at the location you specified.

start download

How to view your downloads?

Once your video is downloaded, It will store it on your device, and it can only access the movie through your Prime Video app.

So open the Prime Video application, and at the bottom, you will see the download button. Click on that button, and you’ll see a list of downloaded movies. 

How to download amazon movies on pc? (Windows 11)

Even though you can download Prime videos offline from the Prime app, you cannot copy those movies to another device, and it can only access your downloads through your application.

There is no official process for downloading your prime videos to external storage, and you can install prime video on a windows 10 computer from the app store.

Are you searching for the procedure for downloading Prime Video to a laptop? Here are simple step-by-step instructions for downloading and watching our favorite movies offline. There is no specific Amazon movie downloader to download videos legally.

But you can download them with this simple trick to your PC? For that, we will use the BlueStacks software. 

Step.1: Download BlueStacks

Bluestacks is the software that It can download on your PC. The BlueStacks will install a virtual Android operating system on your PC with which you can install any android application in your PC.

bluestacks homepage
download amazon prime video to pc

You can download the latest application of BlueStacks 4 from this {link}. Download the application and install it on your pc.

The basic requirements for BlueStacks are Windows XP or higher version, RAM 2GB or more, 4GB of HDD.

Install the package and launch the application. After launching, you need to log in with your Google account, through which you can access the play store to download mobile applications.

Step 2: Download amazon prime

In the BlueStacks dashboard, you will see the play store icon. Click that icon to launch the play store application. 

Now search for the amazon prime video application and install the application. 

Once you click on the install button, It will install your app in the BlueStacks. 

open amazon prime app
download movies on amazon prime

Step. 3: Sign up to amazon prime

To download amazon videos you need a prime account that you can signup from here for 30 days Free trial

Open the Amazon Prime Video app in BlueStacks and sign in with your Amazon Prime credentials.

Step. 4: Search Your movie

Once you sign in to the movie app, you can stream all the premium movies and show them in the application. You can directly stream your videos by clicking on the “watch now” button.

Now choose the movie you want to download and open the movie. 

prime video app in Bluestacks
how to download prime videos

Step.3: Downloading the movie

Below the “watch now” button you can find a “download” button. Click on the download button and choose the download quality of your movie.

choose video quality for download
downloading amazon prime videos to pc

The movie will start downloading at the BlueStacks download location.

Step 4: Save it to PC

Where does Prime Video download to? Your video will be downloaded in the BlueStacks location, which you can access in the BlueStacks Prime Video application. You can get the downloaded videos in the official app store.

amazon prime movies download free

Grab the special Offer

If you are planning to start a new subscription, here is a special gift for you. Grab the Prime 30-day trial first and enjoy the real movie experience on your devices.

hand indicator

The membership cost is very less. 999 rupees per Year.

If you’re already an Amazon Prime member, it seems like an easy decision to apply for the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature, use it for all Amazon purchases, and pay off the balance in full every month to avoid interest. Depending on what other cards you have, either one of these Amazon Rewards Visa Signature cards is your most rewarding card for spending on restaurants, gas stations, and drugstores.


You can easily download videos from your Prime account, which is good for the quality of the videos you watch.

Prime Video Direct is another service provided by Amazon in which content creators add videos for Prime members to watch.

You can use BlueStacks or any other Android app simulator to download, view, and download Amazon Prime videos. The Prime video app for PC is available in the Windows 10 store, and you can download the Amazon Prime app free of charge.

If you use any other application to download Prime videos, please share them in the comment section with our viewers. Only Amazon Prime members can use this feature, and being a member of Amazon Prime has more benefits, such as free delivery.

How to download Amazon Prime movies?
How to download Amazon Prime movies?
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