SBI Virtual Card is the most valuable addition for SBI internet banking users who do not use credit cards.  This is a great alternative for SBI customers who are not using or have credit cards.

The major advantage of this virtual credit card feature is it gives better security measures that are making payments for their online purchases from online shopping sites.

This VC helps you keep all the credit card and bank details confidential while you are making online purchases.

How to create SBI Virtual credit card

Basically, the SBI Virtual Card is a temporary tangible credit card. It’s having a 24 to 48 hours span. This is the temporary credit card for online purchases.

To get this feature, first, you need to apply for internet banking service in your SBI branch. After receiving the internet banking login credentials, log in into the bank account and apply for a virtual credit card free of cost.


Virtual cards are one of the many benefits you will benefit from if you have a digital wallet. These applications, although still with little penetration of the Indian market, are rapidly gaining popularity. What attracts people is the convenience, speed, and security of payments provided by the innovative service.

In this article, we will learn about what exactly a digital wallet is, what to look out for when shopping online, and how virtual cards give us maximum security.

Contrary to popular belief, the digital wallet is not a substitute for or an alternative to online and mobile banking. However, some portfolios also offer similar services, such as issuing an IBAN, debit card, payment of utility bills, etc.

The iCard digital wallet, for example, provides the ability to make international transfers, pay your utility bills through the app, and shop and withdraw money with a contactless debit card.

What the digital wallet really aims for is to displace your physical wallet, which is full of debit and credit cards, discount cards, gift cards, and whatnot. All of this can now enter your phone and be secured by your fingerprint.

Virtual credit cards, also known as virtual payment cards or digital credit cards, are a convenient and secure way to make online purchases and payments. Instead of using a physical card, a virtual credit card gives each transaction its own credit card number. This added layer of security can help protect against fraud and identity theft.

One financial institution that offers virtual credit cards is the State Bank of India (SBI). In this article, we will provide an overview of SBI’s virtual credit card offering, including how it works, the advantages and disadvantages of using it, and how to apply. Whether you are a customer of SBI or just want to learn more about the benefits of virtual credit cards, this article will give you useful information about this easy and safe way to pay.

How do state bank virtual cards work?

Virtual credit cards, also known as virtual payment cards or digital credit cards, differ from physical credit cards in that they do not have a physical card. Instead, a virtual credit card makes a new credit card number for each transaction. This is usually used for online purchases and payments.

To obtain a State Bank virtual card, you must first be an SBI customer and have an internet banking account. If you meet these requirements, you can follow these steps to obtain and use a state bank virtual card:

Step 1: Login into Internet Banking

Sign in to your online banking account and choose the virtual card option. First, sign in to your SBI online banking account.

personal banking

Go to “Personal Banking > Login.”

enter login details of Online SBI

Click on the “e-Card” option on the right side.

Step 2:  Choose the e-Cards section

In the e-Card, option-click on the Generate Virtual Card option, then enter the Virtual Card Limit.

Put a tick mark next to accepting the terms and conditions. Then click on Generate

Remember: the limitation of the card should be between Rs. 1000 and Rs. 50000. This card’s limit of Rs. 50,000 cannot be exceeded.

Step 3: Generate a State Bank Virtual Card

You will be asked for a confirmation by SBI, so click on the “Generate” button.

Generate SBI virtual card

Step 4: Confirm it

You will receive the one-time passwords (OTPs) to your registered mobile number from the SBI net banking server. Simply enter the OTP in the appropriate boxes. It is a validation of one time password.


After a few seconds, your SBI Virtual Card is ready. Get an instant credit card number (a 16-digit Visa card number), the name of the cardholder, CVV number, and expiry date of the card. The SBI Virtual Card would look like this.

Step 5: SBI Virtual Credit card is Ready

After receiving the SBI VC, there is no need to store the virtual card details. If you want the details, you can retrieve them from the “Virtual Card Details” tab.

Your State bank Virtual-card is ready

Using a state bank virtual card is a convenient and secure way to make online purchases and payments. The unique credit card number for each transaction adds another level of security and helps stop fraud and identity theft.

No separate setup/ installation or registration is required, any customer having internet banking facility with transaction rights can create virtual card. Once card is cancelled or expired, the lien marked shall be lifted and the unspent / unutilised amount will automatically be available to the customer for use.

Advantages of using a state bank virtual card

Using a state bank virtual card to buy and pay for things online has a number of benefits.

  • First, virtual credit cards are safer and less likely to be used fraudulently than physical credit cards. Since each transaction has its own unique credit card number, it is much harder for people who shouldn’t have access to your credit card information to get to it. This can help protect against identity theft and other types of credit card fraud.
  • In addition to being more secure, virtual credit cards make it easy to shop and pay for things online. You can easily make purchases or pay bills online without the need to physically present a credit card. This is especially useful for individuals who prefer to do their shopping online or who do not have a physical credit card.
  • State bank virtual card is the ability to set spending limits and expiration dates. This can be useful for individuals who want to control their spending or for parents who want to set limits for their children’s online purchases. With a state bank virtual card, you can easily set these limits in your internet banking account and have more control over your credit card usage.
  • Overall, the increased security, convenience, and ability to set limits make a state bank virtual card a valuable payment option for online transactions.
  • It’s important to carefully review the fees associated with a State Bank virtual card before deciding to use one.  Before you decide to use a state bank virtual card, you should pay close attention to the fees that come with it.

Overall, virtual credit cards have many benefits, but it’s important to know that using a state bank virtual card may come with some restrictions and fees. Weighing the pros and cons can help you determine if a state bank virtual card is the right digital payment option for you.

Where to use this SBI Virtual Card?

  • The Virtual card is very good for Online shopping, movie ticket booking, and Railway ticket bookings.
  • This is the temporary credit card for online purchases.
  • This card validity is 24 to 48 hours or sometimes until the completion of the transaction.
  • When you complete an online transaction, the payment will be debited from your bank accounts.
  • The bank does not charge for the Virtual card creation and cancellation.
  • You can generate a number of Cards at a time.
  • This currency card is in Rupees. You can use these cards in India, Bhutan, and Nepal.
  • This is the more secure way to pay money online.
  • It has a disadvantage too. The coverage is limited as it can be used only in India, Nepal, and Bhutan. The validity of this card is too short. It makes use of OTP.

What are the benefits of SBI Virtual Cards?

The card does not have a magnetic stripe or a PIN code, as it is not intended for use at an ATM or POS terminal. With it, you can make payments on websites around the world like a credit card. 

However, it is not a credit product, so you do not need to prove income to get it or think about interest or installments.

  • No card issuance fee
  • Free of charge for transactions on the Internet or by telephone
  • No fee for locking (unlocking) and unlocking (unlocking)
  • Easily transfer amounts to and from the Virtual Card
  • You have the opportunity to receive up-to-date information and manage the funds on the prepaid card and on all your other accounts anywhere and anytime;
  • Periodic payments – through this service, you can subscribe for automatic payments from and on the Virtual Card, according to parameters set by you in advance – amount, the interval between payments, date of first payment.

SBI virtual card provides an easy and secure way of transacting online without providing the primary card/ account information to the merchant. it reduces the risk of exposing entire credit/ debit limit/ as the primary card/ account information.


In conclusion, a state bank virtual card is a convenient and secure way to make online purchases and payments. With a virtual card, you can easily make purchases or pay bills online without the need to physically present a credit card. Also, virtual credit cards are safer and less likely to be used fraudulently than physical credit cards because each transaction has its own unique credit card number.

While there are many benefits to using a state bank virtual card, it’s important to be aware of the potential drawbacks as well. Some stores might not accept virtual credit cards, and there might be fees for some transactions or services.

Before deciding if a state bank virtual card is right for you, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons and consider your individual needs and circumstances. If you are an SBI customer with an online banking account and you often buy things or pay bills online, a state bank virtual card might be a good way to pay.

For online shoppers, a virtual credit card is an excellent way to complete an online transaction. But for international shopping purposes, the SBI Virtual Card is so useful. Entropay, the ICICI virtual card, and HDFC NetSafe cards. 

I wrote an in-depth article about virtual credit cards and the banks and non-banking organizations that issue them. The SBI Virtual Card is a good option for Indian users to make online purchases from home securely.

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    I have a small question, Can this virtual credit card make international payments?

    Thank You,

    1. Hello karan,

      SBI virtual card is one of the good feature for regular online shopping users.

      But this VC is for domastic purpose.

      It is useful for secured online transactions with in india only.

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