How to stop Facebook Video Autoplay?

Facebook is the biggest social network in the online world. Recently Facebook developers introduced the special feature Facebook video autoplay in their news feed.

If the Facebook user checks their account and their news feed, any video appears, its automatic video playing on Facebook option is activated to Facebook accounts. How to stop autoplay. This is today’s concept in this article.

How to stop facebook video autoplay now

Most of the Facebook users are not digested with this sudden change. Videos playing automatically on Facebook consuming large amounts of data. It is exceeding the user data plans. Do you want Turn Off Auto Video Play on Facebook?

If the user is not correct mode, this change is not good to spend time watching videos on Facebook. Maybe we are in a meeting and have just logged in to check the notification or send an urgent message. Of course, sometimes this change is useful to get incredible content through this video autoplay change.

But this is not a permanent change. But we can stop the Facebook video autoplay anytime with just a few clicks.

Those who feel troublesome with this change; this will be the right place for you. This guide on how to stop Facebook video autoplay helps you to save your data. How to Stop Autoplay Videos on Facebook?

How to stop Facebook Video autoplay?

If you want to stop this high data consuming feature, this guide will help you. How to Turn Videos Off on Facebook, this guide explains two major things.

How to stop Facebook video autoplay on a desktop?

You need to log in to your Facebook account. You will see a blue navigation bar at the top of your account page.

Just click on the arrow and you will see a list of options. Now click on Settings from the drop-down (which shown by the red arrow in the given picture).

go to fb settings

After redirecting the FB settings page, now click on Videos on the left sidebar menu.

choose Videos in fb settings

As seen you click on the video options, you will see an option called autoplay videos.

Choose Auto-play videos

choose Autoplay videos

Now you could see the small drop-down at the end of this option. I have marked this option with arrow mark below. Just click on that and choose the options default, On and OFF will appear.

Turn off autoplay videos

Here you must choose the OFF or Default as per your need. That’s it

So this is the small and smart procedure to stop Facebook video autoplay. This autoplay feature is not available on the Facebook website alone.

But this is available on the Facebook app also. In the next step, I am going to explain how to stop Facebook video autoplay on the Facebook app.

How to stop Facebook video autoplay on the Android app?

If you want to stop autoplay videos on the android app, the steps are the same as the above procedure with few differences. Here is the guide follow in a step by step.

First, you need to log in to your Facebook account in the android app.

Now tap the options icon (three horizontal lines) in the top right corner of the home page.

Fb videos autoplay step 1

Then scroll down the options, in that, look for the options Videos play automatically.

Videos play automatically

Here you will see the default option is ON. Now tap on that, you will get three options – On, Wifi only and Off. Select OFF. If you are having an unlimited data plan set up at home you can set the Facebook video on wifi only).

OFF the video autoplay

That’s it.

Final Words

This was all about how to stop Facebook videos autoplay. On regular checking of Facebook news feeds are to be clutter-free and flawless.

But this newly introduced Facebook video autoplay is really irritating and it’s unbelievable in the coming days. I hope the above two methods are helpful for every Facebook user.

With this, we reached the end of this article. If you found it helpful, do not forget to share it across your entire social media platform.

Satish Ithamsetty
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