How to remove Shortcut virus from your PC?


Hello friends, here in this tutorial I will show you how to remove shortcut virus from your PC. We need to speed up the cases of the virus that is hampering our quiet operation in the online world.

The presence of the virus at the same time can make us sad and depressed as it presents a strong opportunity dangerous to our confidential data and also damaged our reputation in this process as well.

How to remove shortcut virus from PC?

What Make Shortcuts?

Before going into how to remove shortcut virus from PC, first, learn how they spread!

For example, when entering your drive external, if you accidentally find that all your files are gone, you do not need to panic as if the campaign is still showing “conquer” space, then they will be hidden in the car.

Now, after finding them, they are in fact your shortcuts with your original names, (not pictured).

So, as you click them, you will get your original file. This is the perfect scenario, which means that your PC and related hand drives will be infected by virus Shortcut.

Follow the method to remove the virus from your PC or computer shortcut.

Before starting further it is important to understand Shortcut Virus

Shortcut virus latency is a Trojan virus which is denoted by the worm “autorun.inf” and it practices the “autorun” on a computer.

Because of his work malafide absolute, it can really create havoc, right in front of your antivirus.

Shortcut method by which the virus spreads

There are some of the most visible and prominent at which the virus spreads like a shortcut from the infected computer or external drive.

It may be just the thing such as pen drives, memory, external hard drive, SD card or internal memory of your phone when it gets attached to your PC with a data cable.

Therefore, by getting in touch with an infected computer, your external drives at the same time get infected.

Even though we can use a shortcut virus remover, we can do it without even using one such shortcut virus remover. Given the manner in which the spread, Following is the way in which you can Delete and Remove Shortcut virus from the computer / PC: –

Method 1: Remove Virus from your PC / Laptop

  • Go to C: / Windows / System32 location computer
  • Secondly, Search wscript.exe
  • Delete it
  • In case you are not able to delete it, then with the help of third-party software, you are able to remove the shortcut virus. Using “Unlocker” also can help you and you just have to install it. Since it will delete the ‘wscript.exe’
  • Finally, as you are doing in removing“wscript.exe”, it will remove the virus from your PC or shortcut computer

It equally requires you to use these steps in order to be foolproof safe and secure for a longer period of time: –

Method 2: How to remove shortcut virus by using CMD

This is a simple method and easy shortcut to remove the virus from your computer or laptop or a flash drive. Anyone can use CMD remove shortcut virus, it is not difficult and it’s technical. This method is tested by our team and its working fine. Follow the steps:

  • Go to Run -> type CMD -> Press Enter
  • Now enter the following command:

attrib -h -r -a -s / s / d Drive-Name: *. *

  • Replace “Drive-Name” with your drive letter
  • Press Enter and You’re done.

Steps to prevent your computer from Shortcut Virus

  • Autorun computer use
  • Scan any external drive before using your computer
  • Avoid using unsecured and pirated CD / DVD
  • Make use of online protection browsing the Internet
  • They have updated version of antivirus instead
  • You can scan your PC with Malwarebytes software last

This is how you’re going to make your PC virus free from shortcuts and stop your system will create a shortcut key files on your PC as well.

I hope you like a post on how to remove shortcut virus from pen drive / PC / Laptop etc. Please share you found this article useful.

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