Internet in Education Advancement – What is the Significance Of the Internet?

Currently, the role of the Internet in education is increasingly present, whether for searches of texts and images or the propagation of books or videos. The role of the internet in education is as important as the role of the internet in our life. The Importance of Education in studies has been rapidly increasing in this digital era.

Internet in Education Advancement

At present,  we notice that the distance in the geographical aspect is no longer a consideration. But, the cultural, economic, continuing education, the different ways of thinking and feeling, access and domination, or not, of communication technologies.

What is more evident is the INTERNET, and this is now very much present in education. Schools and universities are increasingly seeking this resource, so as not to be late about the others. Today’s world is recognizing the advantages of the internet in education.

How does the Internet Help in Education?

We are in a stage of quantitative and qualitative transition of electronic media. We are moving from a phase of lacking channels to one of overabundance. 

In Cable and Satellite TV, we can increase the number of channels by digital compression up to several hundred.

Even open television will soon be able, with digital TV, to multiply by five the number of channels offered so far. Do you know the Fathers of the Internet?

What type of Educational Information can you find on the Internet?

On the internet, you can find several types of educational practices, surveys, and disclosures. It also serves as a support in teaching activities, providing texts, images, books, magazines, videos, etc.

It is important to emphasize the orientation of how to use the internet.  Students should learn the fundamentals of internet technology and navigation. They should learn search strategies on the internet. Searching on the internet plays a crucial role to browse and download the required information.

The internet users must learn the way of appropriate questioning which begets proper results. The Internet has become the primary choice for communication between teachers and students. Because through the internet only it is possible at a cheaper and free of cost to unite writing, speech, and image with speed, flexibility, and interaction.

It is recommended that when using the Internet, as a way to increase the knowledge, do it in the wisest way that you can and be able to develop the cognitive aspect continually.

The Vastness of Internet Usage in Education

The use of the internet in school education is exploding as the most promising media since the deployment of television. It is more open, decentralized, and therefore more threatening to the hegemonic political and economic groups.

It increases the number of people or groups that create their own magazines, radio or television broadcasts on the Internet, without asking the state for permission or having links with traditional economic sectors. 

Each one can say what he wants, talk to whom he wishes, offer the services he deems convenient. As a result, we begin to watch attempts to control it brightly or subtly.

The distance today is not primarily geographic, but economical (rich and poor), cultural (effective access to continuing education), ideological (different ways of thinking and feeling) and technological (access and dominance of Communication).

One of the explicit expressions of digital democratization manifests itself in the possibility of access to the Internet and in mastering the technical instruments to exploit all its potentialities.

Advancement in Education with the Internet

In-person education can change significantly with electronic networks. The walls of schools and universities open, people intercommunicate, exchange information, data, and research.

Continuing education is optimized by the possibility of integrating various media, accessing them both in real-time and asynchronously, that is, in the scheduling in favor of each, and also by the ease of contacting educators and learners.

Types of Educational Applications

On the Internet, we find various kinds of educational apps for dissemination, research, teaching and communication support. 

The disclosure can be institutional. The school shows what it does.

People create private groups. Teachers and students create their home pages, and they produce significant ideologies with the help of these apps.

Research can be done individually or in groups, live – during class – or outside the classroom. It can be a compulsory or free activity. 

In teaching support activities, we can get texts, images, sounds of the specific theme of the program, using them as an element, along with books, magazines, and videos.

Communication occurs between teachers and students, between teachers and teachers, between students and other colleagues from the same or different cities and countries.

Interaction happens with people who are known and unknown, close and distant, interacting sporadically or systematically.

FAQ: Internet in Education

  1. Why is the Internet important for students?

    The Internet is a very important part of our student’s education. If the students use the internet in a beneficial way, it will be effective. Simply it is a smart teacher and educates in all subjects. It serves the knowledge when you ask the questions. Nowadays the internet becomes part of daily life.

  2. What are the disadvantages of internet in education?

    There are a few disadvantages to the internet. 1) No control in Cyberbullying, Trolls, and crime scenes. 2) sometimes it is the time-wasting medium by addicting to the screens. 3) Chances to Cybercrimes like online money robbery. 4) Diverting users with spam and advertising. 5) If you addict the internet feels loneliness and depressions. 6) No control in Pornographic and violent images

  3. What are the advantages of the Internet?

    1. Have thousands of educational learning materials
    2. Easy to reach target customers for business people
    3. Selling books and make money
    4. Basic entertainment modules
    5. Great work collaboration with the team from your own premises
    6. You can create Virtual offices to move your business online.

  4. Is online education good?

    Online education is a very good option for students and teachers. It gives a complete understanding ability.

Students Interest in the Internet in Education

Networks attract students. They like to surf, to discover new addresses, to spread their discoveries, to communicate with other colleagues. 

But they can also be lost in as many connections as possible, having difficulty choosing what is meaningful, making relationships, and questioning questionable claims.

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