Best Parental Controls to Monitor Children Activity on the Internet

In this digital era, parents have some concerns about how to control their children from misusing the internet and technology. Parents always teach good principles to children. It has been very difficult to keep the children away from the negative influence of technology. Technology gives life to the people and it can also kill the people. Parental controls play a very crucial role in keeping an eye on the usage of technology.

best parental controls to monitor children activity in 2020

Parental controls help to limit the activities that children do with electronic devices. It is the fact that parental controls may not be trustworthy always. Children with some technical advancement may find a way out from the parental controls. Much of the online content is not children-friendly. There are violent video games, sexual and abusive content and untold forms of musical lyrics.

Technology is updating, so are the people. Once upon a time having a landline phone in a house is very great news. Now, if a person does not maintain a smartphone, it would look surprising.

As we are addicted to mobile phones, we also make our children learn how to use smartphones and Tablets. When I was a child it was barely a miracle that I get a mobile phone to play games. Letting our children use Smartphones and learn a new technology is not at all a wrong thing. But we should always keep an eye on our children when they use smartphones.

There will be many applications in the present day smartphones that may unnecessarily give unwanted information without our knowledge. As adults, we understand what the smartphone shows us. But the children cannot differentiate between the good and the bad content provided by the smartphone.  Hence they learn whatever they see.

So it is always important to control whatever our kids watch and do on the smartphone.

Smartphone Without Internet

It is always advisable to handover your smartphones to your kids only after removing access to the internet or Wi-Fi. If you want your kids not to do unnecessary activities on the internet, download essential apps for your kids like games, children videos and study apps into your smartphone and give them the mobile. This way you can keep your kids within boundaries.

Also, make sure that important applications like messaging and calling are protected with a password so that your kids do not make unnecessary calls and messages.

 Android Inbuilt Parental Controls

Almost in every Android mobile having an Android version of 4.2 or above, there are inbuilt parental controls included beforehand. What you need to know is how to use them. The first thing in Android inbuilt parental controls is the ability to create multiple users when you open your mobile. Simply add an additional user account for kids. You can set a password to come out of that user account and you can also keep a password to change the settings of the user. To add a user to your Android mobile follow the below steps.

  • Click on the Settings option in your Android mobile.
  • Now scroll down to option call users and select it.
  • Then, click on the add user button send click on set up

Now. you will be logged out of the smartphone. Login to the necessary account and make the required changes that are blocking the apps that you don’t want your kids to open.

Parental Control in Google Play Store

These days, kids know well how to download new apps and new games into the Android mobiles and use them. So there is a chance that your kids may download inappropriate apps for their age.

You can avoid this by entering parental control restrictions in the Play Store. This will prevent your child from accessing unwanted apps in the Play Store. You can also set limits to download applications. When it comes to apps that you should pay for, you can also set a password that every time you purchase a product in the Play Store you need to enter it.

To restrict Google Play Store features follow the process discussed below to change Parental Control settings.

  • Go into the Play Store and select the three-line button on the top left corner.
  • Now the list of options like games, movies, music and much more will open.
  • In that, select the ‘Settings’ option and the list of settings of the Play Store will be opened.
  • At last, you will see an option called ‘parental controls’ under the user controls option
  • Click on it and slide it to ON position
  • In the panel, you can set restrictions on apps and games and also music. Simply select the option and create a pin that the option will prompt you

Now, whenever the play store is open, the restricted mode will be on. So, if your kid is using the mobile he doesn’t know how to switch off it.

Inappropriate Content from the Internet

These days, kids are habituated to apps and games alone in Android mobiles. But in some cases, your kids may also be searching for something in Chrome or any other browser. In such situations, you cannot control what the internet shows your kids.

So,  to avoid this,  you can simply switch on to a safe search in your browser. To do that, you can follow the below process.

  • Open the browser and click on the menu, which will show you a list of options.
  • In the Menu, select the ‘Settings’ option from below.
  • In Settings, click ‘Privacy Option’ under the ‘Advanced Settings’.
  • Now a list of options will open in which you will find an option named as ‘Safe browsing
  • Switch it to ON position

This will restrict unwanted content on the internet which is being displayed to your kids.

Websites Specified For Children

Some website is designed to enable the children to enjoy themselves the web content. Let us have a look.

1. Zoodles

Zoodles is a service that supplies free games, books and videos and other child-friendly content. This is available for free and premium features.

2. Kiddle

Kiddle is a search engine like Google. This is not affiliated with Google. Kiddle caters to the needs of the children as far as the children-friendly web content is concerned.  It is safe for children. The search engine restricts to open the sites that do harm to the children.

Have a Talk with Your Children

Parental Control sometimes may not help the parents to limit their children’s activities online. It is better to speak to the children. The parents should speak to the children to make them understand the advantages and disadvantages of the internet. The parent should teach their children about cyber laws. They are supposed to tell their children to keep themselves away from the bad the negative things available on the internet. Explain about Mind mapping techniques.


As parents, you use parental controls to keep your children away from the misuse of technology. Technology is there to make people happier, safer, smarter, and more comfortable. But if it is misused negative results will emerge. The parents should maintain the emotional bond with the children and prepare them mentally not to use the technology or the electronic devices in the wrong way.

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