15 Top World News websites with unbiased organizations


Are you searching for the top world news websites in 2024? If so, here is the most popular news website list.

The news is always an important thing for us. We always search for the best news websites 2024 to know what is happening around the world. In recent years, the word “news” has got much more attention than any other thing in the world.

Top world news websites list

In my opinion, globalization has started when people used to know information faster. Google news is always the same, but the way of spreading the news is different.

We have the top world news websites and the best news sites to spread the hot news and the latest news about everything that is happening in all the fields of human life.

We all know how the evolution of the news channels has been. Day by day the number of channels that spread news has been growing.

Once, we used to read the news in printed newspapers. Later on, due to the evolution of TV and other electronic media, we used to get news on TV channels.

But now the technology has been so developed that there are hundreds of apps and websites developed to spread the latest breaking news around the globe.

People search for a number of apps and websites daily to know the breaking news and live news.

People are watching online news to receive the latest and updated current news.

So here I give you the list of the top world news websites that you can search for different types of news every day.

List of the Top World News Websites

Here are the most popular news websites through 2024. Of course, these are the most familiar and top internet news sites to get updated information, except for fake news.

1. BBC

The BBC is a news channel that is popular around the world. BBC brings you all the available minute – to –minute news updates for you.

Even though it is mostly for English-speaking people, there are also many other languages that you can switch the website into.

The list includes some of the Indian languages too. It was run by the British, and the full name of the BBC is the British Broadcasting Company.

The BBC has been well known to the public as one of the top world news organizations for the last 90 years, and it has a greater reputation than any other news website in the world.

We can receive reliable international news from the BBC.

2. Associated Press News

The associated press is headquartered in the US in New York City, where it has been since 1846. It has a better reputation than any other news channel. The website for the Associated Press is ap.org.

Right now, it is the top news broadcaster in the world. And any news will first appear in AP news. Many other news websites take the information from the associated press and provide it for their readers.

Associated Press News is one of the top world news websites with the highest popularity.

3. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

The website for the Bureau of Investigation Journalism is thebureauinvestigates.com.

As the name suggests, the Bureau of Investigation’s journalism will also be long and full of information.

The Bureau of Investigation Journalism is a news site that was started in 2010 and is fairly new.

Within a short time, it has gained huge popularity, spreading among the people.

The good thing about the bureau is that you can also submit your own stories here. And if you are a freelance journalist, you can also earn some money from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

4. The Economist

This news website is one of the top world news websites. The Economist Group in London manages this news organization.

It has gained its own popularity since 1843. In the beginning, it was a weekly magazine and was available on the London streets. Later on, it was developed into a huge organization with channels and websites.

Now it has been running a news website named economist.com where you can find all the latest news all around the world. In the history of The Economist, there have been huge rumors about the Economist group.

Even in such conditions, the Economist stood strong, not leaning on the wrong sides. And now it has emerged as the best news website in the world.

5. HuffPost

The official website of HuffPost is huffingtonpost.com.

Arianna Huffington founded HuffPost in 2005. Before the HuffPost, Huffington ran a website, namely ariannaonline.com.

With a lot of struggles and some of the important news published in HuffPost, the website has gained its popularity and now it was successfully grabbing lots of people every day towards the site.

The HuffPost gives the Business news, political news, news about games, news about medicine, news about the lifestyle, news about travel, market news, etc.

6. The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is a daily newspaper in English. It is published in New York City. It focuses mainly on business.

Dow Jones & Company and News Corporation jointly founded the Wall Street Journal on the 8th of July 1889. Its circulation is 21,00,000 approximately.

The Wall Street Journal has the highest circulation in the United States.

7. The Washington Post

The Washington Post has the credit of having the eighth highest circulation in the United States. Nash Holdings owns the newspaper.

Its foundation was on the 6th of December 1877. It is published from Washington D.C. The Washington Post works with a slogan ‘Democracy Dies in Darkness’.

The remarkable investigation of the Washington Post was about ‘Watergate Scandal’.

This reporting about the Watergate Scandal led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon.

8. NBC News

NBC stands for National Broadcasting Company. It is an American based English news website.

The NBC headquartered in New York City in the United States is one of the topmost TV channels in the United States.

If you directly search on the NBC news channel website, you will find all the news will be categorized into some unusual categories like think, much, better, etc.

CNBC works 24 hours a day and always tries to bring the news, first and the best to the visitor.

9. The Guardian

The Guardian is a daily newspaper from the United Kingdom. The name of The Guardian at the time of its foundation in 1821 was Manchester Guardian.

The news daily continued with the same name until 1959. The guardian is highly popular in its political opinion in the UK.

This daily newspaper has an approximate circulation of 162000 copies. The Guardian also is one of the best online news sites.

10. CNN

CNN stands for Cable News Network. This is an American cable news channel. Ted Turner founded CNN in 1980.

By the time of the foundation, CNN was the first 24-hour news covering TV channel in the United States.

This channel reaches 96374000 households. People from 212 countries and territories can watch CNN. CNN is one of the top world news websites to get daily news.

11. Time

Time is a weekly magazine and website of daily news. It is published in New York City.

Henry Luce, a graduate from Yale University, founded this magazine in 1923. This weekly news magazine has the largest circulation of 26 million.

Time-released its first issue on the 3rd March 1923. It releases a list of 100 most influential persons annually.

Time publishes a special magazine ‘Time for Kids” and distributes it in classrooms. This news organization is unbiased and one of the top world news websites.

12. Daily Mail

Daily Mail is a daily tabloid newspaper from the UK. It is published in London.

Next to ‘The Sun’, DailMail isis the largest circulated news daily. Its circulation is approximately 14,00,000.

Daily Mail issued its first issue in 1896.

The peculiarity of Daily Mail is that the majority of the readers are females. The female readership of the Daily Mail is up to 55% of its total circulation.

13. Reuters.com

Reuters’ headquarters are in London. It is an international news agency. Paul Reuter founded Reuters in October 1851.

Reuters is available in English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Urdu, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Russian.

The first work of Reuters was started as electric telegraphy to transmit messages from Brussels to Aachen.

Reuters was the first newspaper to report the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln in Europe in 1865. Reuters is popular for its fresh news and top news publication.

Till now you have seen some of the best international news websites. Now let us see some of the Indian news channels which have a lack of visitors daily.

14. The Times of India

The Times of India is an Indian English news website that brings you the latest and trending news daily.

This news agency provides the latest news from India and all over the world.

It publishes sports news, business news, health news, fitness news, entertainment news, Hollywood news, and Bollywood news, etc.

It is the topmost news website in India which has a huge following in social media too.

15. The Hindu

The Hindu is the topmost and one of the best-loved newspapers in India. This newspaper circulates all over India.

With that popularity after launching The Hindu website, the readership of the online newspaper increased. The Hindu deals mostly with political surveys.

In the Hindu, you will find all the important news on politics and business in India in detail.

The Hindu is one of the best online news websites in India.


As I said at the start of the article, it’s hard to find news that you can trust. So it is always important to find the best news websites in 2024 and the top world news websites for reliable news. Fox News is another one of the great and top news websites 2024. Yahoo news is another one of the most popular news websites.

The most experienced and dedicated journalists and editors are managing these top world news websites. So these would be the best websites to find the correct news from all over the world.

The above list of the top world news websites is in a random order and not based on their readership or popularity.

15 Top World News websites with unbiased organizations
15 Top World News websites with unbiased organizations
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