Top 5 Cloud Storage Services to Send Large Files free

cloud storage sites to send large files now

Small files can be sent to friends through email very easily.  But if you try o send large files free it works only up to a certain point. Every email service has certain limitations. 

One can upload 100 MB to 250 MB through email.  If the file size is more than 250mb you need to use the cloud storage service compulsorily. 

cloud storage sites to send large files

There are Free Online Data Storage services are available on the web.

Many services of this type can be uploaded without signing in and the host time will be limited from 15 to 180 days only.  And it gets deleted after this.

We will see about such Cloud Storage Service now.

Top Cloud Storage Service to send Large Files free

  • is one of the famous Cloud Storage services and we can send large files
  • This is a very good Cloud storage service to send large files free.
  • This is a Facebook application.  Facebook account is compulsory.
  • With the help of this, you can upload up to 1gbfile.
  • You can set these files so that only limited persons see it with the privacy option.
  • In the 1GB file, 100mb will be in hand and the remaining will get uploaded when the receiver comes to online. (See the Site)


  • You can send files through messenger services like skype also.
  • Maximum limit is 100mb only
  • It is possible through the ‘send files’ option

3.Free Cloud Storage Services

  • This is a free cloud storage service, which gives you 5GB to 50GB storage with your Email Signing.
  • It permits up to 1GB file as their upload limit.
  • Few Services are

4.Personal Cloud Storage Services

Network Drive:

  • You share a very big file with all corners of the world.
  • You can access the shared files from your mobiles, laptop, computer.
  • Special apps are available to access the photos and files from these drives.

Go Flex Home Network:

  • You can use this network as Cloud Network System by connecting 3 systems and 1 Mac.
  • It has an automatic backup service.
  • You can Send Large Files Free No Sign Up Required.

5.File Hosting without Email Signing

  • You can share large files without email signup.
  • According to the service and limitation, the file will be stored up to a few days only.
  1. – You can Send Large Files Free 5GB file — stored up to 30 days
  2.  — up to 5GB file
  3. – 50GB file with Free account  — up to 180 days
  4.  —  5GB without signing  — up to 15 days
  5. – free account up to 250MB only


You cant upload all files with different sizes through email.  The cloud storage service is very useful to upload big files.

These are very secure and you can access them from anywhere.  You can use them according to your flexibility.

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