Windows 8 Advantages and Disadvantages over Windows 7

Are you using Windows 7 right now because of your system compatibility? If yes, here are the great news for you to upgrade to windows 8. Before you start using windows 8, you need to know windows 8 advantages and disadvantages.

Windows 8, the successor to Windows 7, brought about significant changes and introduced several new features. In this article, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of Windows 8 compared to its predecessor. Let’s delve into the key aspects that make Windows 8 stand out and the areas where it may fall short.

All you need to know before deciding to install the new operating system on a desktop or laptop. Benefits of using it, complaints, and missing those who already use it. They introduced new features, tools, and improvements. differences with other versions. The primary reasons and motivations for installing Applications included. It is a unique article on Windows’ eight advantages.

advantage and disadvantage of Windows 8

When you install a new program, application, or operating system, the improvements are put into place. Still, for some people, these improvements may not be significant, according to the data given to the team. 

Why Windows 8 is a user-friendly operating system Sometimes there is so much more lost than gained in conflicts that we can bring something truly useful back—a complete operating system worth considering before installing.

The purpose of this article is to prevent readers about the most significant reasons and What are the windows 8 advantages and its installation, but also the limitations, dangers, and disadvantages. Everything applies mainly to those who use desktops or laptops as laptops.

With its release in 2012, Windows 8 aimed to revolutionize the user experience by introducing a more modern and touch-friendly interface. Although it received mixed reactions from users, it brought a range of new functionalities and improvements. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of Windows 8 when compared to Windows 7.

Overview of Windows 8

Windows 8 marked a departure from the traditional desktop-focused approach of its predecessor. It introduced the Metro UI, characterized by a tile-based Start screen and full-screen apps, offering a more immersive and streamlined experience. Windows 8 also introduced several performance enhancements and security features.

Differences in Windows 8 with Windows 7 and other previous systems

There are so many windows 8 advantages in the new version.

  • Windows 8 is geared for use on portable devices like smartphones, phones, and tablets, a market in which previous versions of Windows were not functional.
  • These teams have had no mouse or physical keyboard many times, so it introduces an interface called Modern IU, which breaks everything we were used from the early Windows. It is another windows 8 advantage.
  • Of course, Windows 8 will also work on desktop computers, but users accustomed to Windows 7 or XP can be frustrating after installation. It is a unique feature in windows 8 advantages.
  • In no event should replace a system before being duly informed.
Windows 8 Advantages and Disadvantages over Windows 7

Windows 8 Advantages

1. Improved User Interface

Windows 8 introduced a visually appealing and intuitive user interface, particularly for touchscreen devices. The Start screen, with its live tiles, allowed users to access relevant information at a glance. The interface was designed to be more touch-friendly, making it ideal for tablets and hybrid devices.

2. Enhanced Performance

Windows 8 showcased improved performance over Windows 7, thanks to various optimizations. The operating system offered faster boot times, quicker file transfers, and reduced memory usage. This enhanced performance resulted in a smoother overall user experience.

3. Better Security Features

Windows 8 introduced several security enhancements, including Secure Boot, which protected against malware and unauthorized operating systems during startup. Windows Defender, the built-in antivirus solution, was also improved to provide better protection against threats.

4. App Store Integration

One of the significant advantages of Windows 8 was its integration with the Microsoft Store, providing users with a wide range of applications. The app store offered a convenient and centralized platform to discover, download, and update both traditional and modern apps.

5. Compatibility with Touchscreen Devices

Windows 8 was designed with touchscreens in mind, allowing for a more interactive and immersive user experience. The operating system provided enhanced touch gestures and fluid navigation, making it well-suited for touch-enabled devices like tablets and touchscreen laptops.

6. SkyDrive Integration

Windows 8 seamlessly integrated with SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage service. This integration allowed users to access their files and documents across multiple devices, ensuring easy synchronization and backup of important data.

7. Faster Boot Time

Windows 8 introduced a new startup process known as Fast Startup, which significantly reduced boot times. This improvement was achieved by combining hibernation and shutdown processes, enabling the system to start up quickly and efficiently.

Disadvantages of Windows 8

1. Learning Curve and User Resistance

The dramatic shift in the user interface from Windows 7 to Windows 8 caused a learning curve for many users. The removal of the traditional Start menu and the introduction of the Start screen initially confused and frustrated users who were accustomed to the classic desktop experience.

2. Removal of Start Menu

One of the most significant changes in Windows 8 was the removal of the Start menu, which had been a staple feature since Windows 95. This decision created a divide among users, with some finding it difficult to adapt to the new Start screen and the absence of the familiar Start button.

3. Compatibility Issues with Older Software

While Windows 8 offered compatibility with most software, some older applications designed for previous Windows versions encountered compatibility issues. This situation led to inconvenience for users who heavily relied on legacy software that was not fully supported on the new operating system.

4. Hardware Requirements

Windows 8 had higher hardware requirements compared to Windows 7, making it necessary for some users to upgrade their systems to fully utilize the new features. Older computers that met the minimum requirements might not provide the optimal experience, affecting performance and responsiveness.

5. Limited Desktop Customization Options

Windows 8 limited desktop customization options, which disappointed users who enjoyed personalizing their desktop environment. The Start screen and the Metro UI, although visually appealing, offered limited scope for customization compared to the more flexible desktop of Windows 7.

6. Mixed Reception of the Metro UI

The introduction of the Metro UI received mixed reactions from users and critics alike. While some appreciated the fresh and modern design, others found it more suitable for touch devices and less intuitive for traditional desktop setups. The forced transition to the Metro UI on non-touch devices created a sense of disjointedness for some users.

What is Missing in Windows 8?

Before discussing the windows 8 advantages, we should know the missing points and options in windows 8.

  • Forces us to start Windows with the new Metro interface, even if we want to use the classic desktop. It is the main complaint. You can always skip this limitation, but you need to download and use third-party applications.
  • The start button is not available in this windows version. Of course, this is the heart of windows. For most, this was the way to get to all the functions.
  • There is no visible button off.
  • The clock is displayed in practice is much less checked.
  • All easily miss the classic mouse usage for everyday tasks, e.g., to click on a cross to close a window instead of having to drag it down.
  • Metro limitation of having only two open applications, using large displays may have more than two.
  • You can not create a wireless ad hoc network (WANET). Some of it makes a small network that connects their devices to share the internet and the computer. This constraint is crucial for some.
  • The tiles or tables based on the Metro interface support only two sizes.

New features and improvements introduced Windows 8

Windows 8 introduces new tools and features, some of which help us use the system while others save us from having to install additional software. These are the extra Windows 8 advantages.

a. Windows Defender antivirus program

Windows 8 is the first version of Microsoft. The anti- application includes malware, making it unnecessary to install an additional antivirus program. It is a new version of Microsoft Security Essentials, which is also available to install on older systems. Windows Defender works silently and affects the performance or speed system. It is updated automatically without consuming resources or bandwidth.

b. Improved copying files

It Has been significantly improved function Native to copy files in previous versions left much desired. Now more information is displayed with tiny integrated graphics. The copy speed is not negligible, as you can see in the following image.

c. See and open PDF files in Windows 8

Popular PDF files with the extension so far had to install programs on your computer or other like Adobe Reader to read them. Now it’s unnecessary; Windows includes the Reader application opening by default.

d. Make screenshots in Windows 8

All modern operating systems allow the Print Screen button to copy the content of what is displayed. The resulting image is necessary to paste into an editing program. Now you can create a Windows image to make a catch that will be saved automatically.

e. New features of Task Manager in Windows 8

Task Manager is one of the most popular tools for Windows. It now includes new features that allow us to control and quickly tell what happens in our system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main advantages of Windows 8?

Some of the main advantages of Windows 8 include an improved user interface, enhanced performance, better security features, app store integration, compatibility with touchscreen devices, SkyDrive integration, and faster boot times.

Can I still use my old software on Windows 8?

While Windows 8 offers compatibility with most software, some older applications may encounter compatibility issues. It is advisable to check the software’s compatibility before upgrading to Windows 8.

Is it easy to transition from Windows 7 to Windows 8?

The transition from Windows 7 to Windows 8 can be a learning curve for many users, primarily due to the removal of the traditional Start menu. However, with some familiarity and adjustment, users can adapt to the new interface.

How does Windows 8 perform on touchscreen devices?

Windows 8 is designed to provide a touch-friendly experience and performs well on touchscreen devices like tablets and touchscreen laptops. The operating system offers enhanced touch gestures and fluid navigation.

Is Windows 8 more secure than Windows 7?

Windows 8 introduced several security enhancements, including Secure Boot and an improved Windows Defender. These additions aimed to enhance security and protect against malware, making Windows 8 more secure than Windows 7.


Windows 8 brought significant changes and introduced new features that aimed to provide a more modern and immersive user experience. Despite the advantages it offered, such as an improved user interface, enhanced performance, and better security features, Windows 8 faced criticism due to the removal of the Start menu, compatibility issues with older software, and the learning curve associated with the new interface.

In the end, whether Windows 8 is the right choice over Windows 7 depends on individual preferences and specific requirements. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages helps users make an informed decision based on their needs and priorities.

But the bad news is, the Microsoft announced their update status for windows 8 users are here. So you have to upgrade your pc from windows 8 to windows 11. If you want to know more about windows 11, you can follow my old articles.

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