Windows 8 Advantages and Disadvantages over Windows 7

All you need to know before deciding to install the new operating system on a desktop or laptop. Benefits of using, complaints and miss those who already use it. New features, tools, and improvements introduced. Differences with other versions. Main reasons and motives to install. Applications included. This is the special article on windows 8 advantages.

advantage and disadvantage of Windows 8

Installing a new program, application or operating system, logically always brings benefits because the improvements are implemented, but for some people, these improvements may not be significant, according to the use that is given to the team. Why Windows 8 is a user-friendly Operating System. Sometimes it’s so is lost than is gained, are conflicts that we can bring it back truly useful. Being a complete operating system, well worth thinking it through before deciding to install it.

The purpose of this article is to prevent readers about the most significant reasons and What are the windows 8 advantages and its installation, but also the limitations, dangers, and disadvantages.  Everything applies mainly to those who use desktops or laptops as laptops.

Differences in Windows 8 with Windows 7 and other previous systems

There are so many windows 8 advantages in the new version

  • Windows 8 is geared for use on portable devices like smartphones phones and tablets, a market in which previous versions of Windows were not functional.
  • These teams have no mouse or physical keyboard many times, so it introduces an interface called Modern IU, which breaks everything we were used from the early Windows. This is another windows 8 advantage.
  • Of course, Windows 8 will also work on desktop computers, but users accustomed to Windows 7 or XP can be frustrating after installation. This is a special feature in windows 8 advantages.
  • In no event should replace a system before duly informed.
Windows 8 Advantages and Disadvantages over Windows 7

Windows 8 Advantages in Installation and Usage

There are some advantages added in windows 8. The windows 8 advantages are discussed here.

  1. Start off faster than previous operating systems.
  2. Performance: System more efficient, even on computers with low hardware performance operation.
  3. Support: Support for external devices of the last generation, like cell phones, printers, etc.
  4. Security from Viruses: Include an antivirus and anti-malware program itself.
  5. Applications available on the Microsoft Store: It is the first operating system including an application store. Windows 8 advantages include some basic applications, but there is a multitude of them available to download and install from the store, most free.  The great advantage is that all are certified by Microsoft, so there should not be any problem or incompatibility. No need to worry about malware programs that may include.
  6. Sync with the cloud (cloud): For the growing number of people who use services from network storage to store files such as images, documents, video or music, it is now possible to natively sync without using any application.
  7. External Integration with social networking: One of the most attractive features that allow you to receive automatic notifications and participate in networks like Facebook, Twitter, and others.
  8. Devices support Support for touch screen, an extra functionality of the system.

Windows 8 Disadvantages and its limitations

Along with windows 8 advantages few of the disadvantages and limitations, they are

1. The hardware requirements to install Windows 8 will not have many of our teams.

  • To operate the Metro applications, the minimum resolution is 1024 × 768 pixels and you need 1366 × 768 pixels to display two applications at the same time.
  • Most Laptops or Notebooks do not support vertical resolutions of 768 pixels, being discarded.
  • Most monitors used on desktop computers today support up to 1280 × 1024 pixels, so it can not represent two applications.
  • Minimum screen resolution required to install Windows 8 on a PC or Laptop, for the proper functioning of the new visual style Metro or Metro.

2. Windows 8 requires an almost constant internet connection for any task, with alert boxes that can be desperate to work offline.

  • He who is accustomed to using free software programs for personalization features and takes full control over them in Windows 8 in their tasks do not have that option.
  • Windows 7 and Vista support compatibility with applications built for previous systems, Windows 8 because of its features is impossible.

What is Missing in Windows 8?

Before discussing the windows 8 advantages, we should know the missing points and options in windows 8.

  • Forces us to start Windows with the new Metro interface, even if we want to use the classic desktop, this is the main complaint. You can always skip this limitation, but you need to download and use third-party applications.
  • Not Available famous button or the Start menu which is all used and has always been the heart of Windows. For most this was the way to get to all the functions.
  • There is no visible button off.
  • The clock is displayed in practice has been shown to be much less check.
  • All easily miss the classic mouse usage for common tasks, eg to click on a cross to close a window, instead of now having to drag it down.
  • Metro limitation of having only two open applications, using large displays may have more than two.
  • You can not create a wireless ad hoc network (WANET), some use them to create a small network that connects their devices to share the internet and the computer. This constraint is crucial for some.
  • The tiles or tables that are based on the Metro interface, support only two sizes.

New features and improvements introduced Windows 8

Windows 8 introduces new tools and features, some of which provide us with the use of the system and others avoid us having to install additional software. These are the additional windows 8 advantages.

  • Windows Defender is a comprehensive antivirus program: Windows 8 is the first version of Microsoft really anti- application includes a malware, which makes it unnecessary to install an additional antivirus program. This is a new version of Microsoft Security Essentials, which is also available to install on older systems. Windows Defender works silently and in no way affects the performance or speed system. It is updated automatically without consuming resources or bandwidth.
  • Improved copying files in Windows 8: It Has been significantly improved function Native to copy files in previous versions left much to be desired. Now more information is displayed with a small integrated graphics. As you can see in the following image, the copy speed is not negligible.
  • See and open PDF files in Windows 8: Popular PDF files with the extension so far had to install programs on your computer or other like Adobe Reader to read them. Now it’s not necessary, Windows includes the Reader application opens by default.
  • Make screenshots in Windows 8: All modern operating systems allow the Print Screen button to copy the content of what is displayed. The resulting image is necessary to paste it into an editing program.  Now you can create a Windows image to make a catch that will be saved automatically.

    New features of Task Manager in Windows 8: Task Manager is one of the most popular tools for Windows. It now includes new features that allow us to have greater control and easily tell what happens in our system.