Best Royalty Free Images Websites To Make Your Blog Colourful

Are you looking for the best copyright and Royalty Free image websites? If yes, this is the best place to get the list of the most famous images.

Images make a powerful impact on your online content, but finding photos and graphics that are legally usable for free can be a challenge. This is where royalty-free images come in—visual content that creators have licensed for open use without paying royalties. With the surge of stock image platforms offering royalty-free libraries, you now have an abundance of high-quality photos, vectors, and illustrations at your fingertips.

So you keep scrolling endlessly on the same website, hopelessly looking for that one photo that will blow everyone away. We have the best websites for high-quality Royalty Free images, and most of the photo sites are released under the Creative Commons.

In this post, we will overview the top resources to discover stunning royalty-free images for your websites, blogs, social media, presentations, and commercial projects. We’ll cover where to find free stock photos on platforms like Unsplash, Pixabay, Pexels, and more. You’ll learn how to search for specific types of royalty-free visuals using advanced filters and queries for the best results.

Copyright and Royalty Free images sites

Most of the images are creative commons CCO licensed Royalty Free photos. You can use these free stock photos royally without paying anything.

We’ll also provide tips on how to properly attribute royalty-free images using watermarks, captions, and credits. Understanding license terms is key; we will clarify what uses are permitted and if extended licenses are needed for print products, merchandising, or other purposes. Read on for a guide to elevating your content and creativity using the expansive collections of royalty-free image resources available

How do copyright-free images work?

Copyright-free images are everywhere in our lives. From posters hanging on walls to pictures on social media or even on the backgrounds of websites, copyright-free images have become a part of daily life.

Does anyone care who owns them anymore because they are often shared without permission anyway?

As the popularity of sharing photos has increased over the years, so has the demand for new images. It is where copyright-free images come into play, allowing people to share these images freely without worrying about ownership legally.

It is especially great for businesses as they can save big bucks by using these images instead of paying licensing fees.

 “This article provides a quick introduction to copyright-free images. I’ll also show you various ways to access these Royalty Free images.”

Where can I use these free royalty images?

You can use these images for a wide variety of uses, including:

  • Websites: royalty-free images can be used to create eye-catching website designs, hero banners, page headers, icons, and more.
  • Blogs: Images make great additions to blog posts to reinforce points or make the content more visually engaging.
  • Social media: royalty-free photos and graphics are very popular on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
  • Advertising: Many royalty-free images can be used in online ads, commercials, promotional emails, brochures, billboards, and other advertising materials.
  • Presentations: Slide presentations for school, work, or personal use can be enhanced with applicable royalty-free photos.
  • Videos: royalty-free stock footage, animations, and clips can be integrated into videos.
  • Books/eBooks: Some royalty-free licenses permit use in print or digital books and publications.
  • Merchandise: If extended licenses are purchased, images can be printed on mugs, apparel, phone cases, and other merch.
  • Commercial Products: With proper licenses, royalty-free images may be usable on posters, calendars, cards, and other commercial items.

Always check the license terms to confirm approved commercial applications based on how you intend to use the images. To use an image for your work, you need to be the copyright holder, which means that you created the image and have copyrighted it.

Best Websites of Copyright and Royalty-Free images

The list of the ten best Royalty Free stock photo websites is listed. You can download free images for commercial purposes. 90% of the photos are royalty Free images. All images come under commons attribution 3.0 licensed images.

1. Pixabay

pixabay free stock images

Pixabay is an amazing resource for high-quality digital photos and videos that you can use anywhere. We have handpicked over 2.5 million high quality stock images to make sure you will find what you’re looking for!

Pixabay has an extensive collection of images that all kinds of individual uploaders have compiled. It is straightforward to navigate and search through the photos and pictures on Pixabay. It is one of the best Royalty Free image websites.

  • Free for commercial use, no attribution required.
  • High-quality images.
  • No copyright restrictions.
  • Download any image for free.
  • All images are royalty-free.
  • License type: Creative Commons 0 License.

2. Unsplash


Besides the free photo database, you can also give yourself less choice. Unsplash is updated every ten days, and it will add ten new high-resolution photos to Unsplash. 

If you like that, they even appear in your mail inbox. It is the most prominent photographer’s community.

They are providing thousands of high-resolution photographs in commercial and non-commercial categories.

Over 1 million free high-resolution images are brought to you by the world’s most generous community of photographers.

They are beautiful images and worthy. You will get high-resolution, royalty-free, high-quality, and popular photos available in different categories. Here, attribution is not mandatory.

3. FreeRange Stock

freerange stock images

Freerange Stock has been providing free stock photos since 1999. We have over 1 million stock photos and are growing! Our collection includes royalty-free and copyright-free images, and you will find everything from natural scenes and architecture to people and products. The photos are available as graphics or JPEGs.

They can be used commercially and are suitable for web design, print media, eBooks, presentations, infographics, software applications, blogs, etc. Some of our stock photos are Creative Commons licensed, which means you may use them for non-commercial purposes.

You cannot buy the images alone or offer them as part of printed products. They will always appreciate it if you want to give credit to the maker, but it does not have to. FreeRange is one of the best Royalty-Free image websites.

  • Over 1 million high-quality images.
  • High-resolution JPG files.
  • Royalty-free images.
  • Copyright-free images.

4. Picjumbo

PicJumbo free stock images for bloggers

PicJumbo provides a stunning collection of high-resolution free stock photography images that you can download. No attribution or royalty is required when using these images. We have over 200 categories of beautiful stock photos that you can browse through.

Picjumbo is from the designer Viktor Hanacek, and there are new and beautiful pictures every day. They are of high quality and sorted by category so that it is not an endless search. If you want more work from Hanacek, it is possible to get a subscription.

  • Stunning, high-quality free stock images.
  • High-resolution images are available in different file formats such as jpg, png, and Tiff.
  • No attribution or royalty is required when used for commercial purposes.
  • Over 200 categories of beautiful images.

5. Gratisography


Gratisography is a new way to create professional-quality photos for your website, blog, or social media pages. You can choose from over 10 million stock photo options or upload your image with our easy-to-use tool. We’ll make sure it looks good on any device when we publish it on your site.

On Gratisography, there are charming high-resolution images, and several new ones are added every week. Ryan McGuire runs the website for Bells Design. Of course, all these photos are also free of copyright, and Gratisography is one of the best royalty-free image websites.

  • Easy to use. Choose from over 10 million stock photos or upload your image.
  • No copyright restrictions. All photos are free for non-profit use.
  • It creates stunning websites and blogs. Add your text and background color to make it truly unique.
  • Professional results. High-resolution graphics are guaranteed.
  • No watermarks. You will publish your photos without a logo.
  • Fast and easy web integration. Paste a link to your photo gallery on your website or blog.

6. Life of Pix

life of pix

Free High-Resolution Photography allows you to take free high-resolution photos with easy-to-use tools and access over 12 million free photos online. Download your photo instantly and share it with friends. You can search for pictures by color or format.

Life of Pix, an advertising agency from Montreal, makes the images of its extensive network of photographers available for free use. Weekly, new images with high resolution are added.

Do you need a moving image? Here is the sister site of this famous image source: the Life of Vids.

  • Take unlimited, high-quality photos and videos using your smartphone camera.
  • Instant download of up to 400 megapixels.
  • There are no restrictions on device storage space.

7. Pexels

pexels free images store

All photos on Pexels fall under the CCO license. You can freely use, edit, and distribute the images. A source indication is not necessary.

But a donation is always worth appreciating.

The only thing you have to consider is that one should not put the people depicted in a bad light or present them insultingly. It has to do with portrait rights.

8. Wikimedia

wikimedia commons photographs

Wikimedia Commons has an incredible image library that includes gorgeous landscapes and historical events.

Wikimedia is a must-have for graphic designers, photographers, and artists searching for free, high-quality photos, with over 34 million freely usable media pieces, including movies and audio. Wikimedia is also a part of a much broader organization devoted to the free distribution of pictures, education, and information.

9. Burst

burst high resolution images

It’s been said that something works well when you don’t notice it at all, and Burst is just that. Burst, like Unsplash, offers not only a clean layout to browse but also an extensive collection of photographs and categories to choose from.

Better still, whether you’re posting photographs to a website or utilizing images for graphic design, it delivers both low- and high-quality images without copyright.

Burst is a massive online resource of free, high-quality photos that you should bookmark right now.

10. KaboomPics

kaboompics free photos

KaboomPics has been an impressive undertaking. You will be able to find images you don’t even require by using the right tools.

KaboomPix’s selection would already be top-notch if it were just about royalty-free images. It also includes a color-picker search tool and color palettes for image searches.

That’s just scratching a small portion of what KaboomPix has to offer. It’s one of the most popular free stock image sites, but it’s also one of the most impressive ones. You’ll find many images here, from high-resolution photos to beautiful illustrations. All of these images are free to use for any purpose, though you may not be able to use them commercially without permission.

11. Vintage Stock Photos

The Freerange team also operates Vintage Stock Photos, a free website that specializes in old photos. Previously, you had to pay for the content, but now you can get hundreds of dollars worth of high-quality historical images.

Vintage Stock Photos is another site where you may get lost in the collection and lose track of time. The collection of copyright-free photographs spans decades and offers a fascinating glimpse into life throughout history.

12. Libreshot

libreshot free images

Libreshot is another valuable resource for free stock photos that are slightly different. Martin Vorel, the site’s proprietor, took every photo.

Vorel shares his incredible photography from around the world on Libreshot, where you may download it for free. If you use one of his images, he requests that you include a link to his website.

13. Reshot

reshot free icons, illustrations and photos

The amazing Reshot is your best option for Royalty Free stock images. Reshot is one of the best selections if you want unique stock photos.

The development and creative teams thoroughly review each copyright-free image before publishing it on the website, ensuring that you only have access to the best. That means the quality of photography on display at Reshot is outstanding, and it will also show in your work.

14. Negative Space

negative Space no cost stock images

 Negative Space is a site that features free stock photography from the UK. Photographer and designer Nick Brown shot the images on the site.

The pictures are of excellent quality, but you will need to download them first (before using them) so that they integrate neatly with your work.

With over 30,000 images in its library, Negative Space is a great place to go if you’re looking for free photos that are high-quality and interesting.

The site features tons of eye-catching pictures that use unusual, bizarre, and unconventional angles.

The images tend to focus on commonplace things or settings that look unusual because of how they’ve played out in reality, rather than any specific elements in one portion of the picture. The Light sources or background colors (something you would find at many other free stock photo sites).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are royalty-free images?

Royalty-free images are photos, illustrations, vectors, and other visual content that can be used for free without paying royalties or licensing fees. The creator has either waived their copyright terms or allowed use under certain conditions, like attribution.

Where can I find quality royalty-free images?

Great sites to find royalty-free images include Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay, Burst, Gratisography,, FreeImages, Canva, and Creative Commons searches on Flickr or Google Images.

What should I look out for when using royalty-free images?

Always check the license terms carefully to understand proper usage and attribution requirements. Avoid images with identifiable people unless you have explicit permission. Double check that modified images still adhere to the original license terms as well.

Can I use royalty-free images on commercial projects?

Most royalty-free images can be used commercially, but double check the license to confirm, as some are for non-commercial use only. Also clarify if you need extended license terms for print products, merchandise, etc.

How can I credit royalty-free images properly?

When possible, cite the creator/source and link back to the original image URL per usage terms. For sites like Unsplash, you can just credit “Image from Unsplash.”. Add image titles and descriptions, watermarks, metadata, and other identifying details as applicable.

Final words

Finding the right royalty-free image resources enables anyone to enhance their creative projects and content with powerful visuals. Whether you need free stock photos for your website, blog, presentations, or other needs, the curated sites provided in this post offer diverse libraries to discover eye-catching images without the hassle of licenses or attribution.

Consider the types of royalty-free images each platform specializes in, such as Unsplash for open source photos or Pixabay for vector illustrations. Utilize handy tools like advanced filtering and image edits to refine your image search process.

With the surge in high-quality, freely usable images today, you can make your content and designs shine with engaging, royalty-free visuals.

Keep best practices in mind – double check the license terms, cite the creator if possible, and add your own unique touch. With this foundation of where to access stunning royalty-free images efficiently, you can save time and money while raising your content above the rest.

So tap into these generous image collections to find the perfect royalty-free photos, vectors, and illustrations for all your projects.

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