Google Advanced Search – Best Tips and Tricks to Ease Your Pain


According to Alexa, Google is the Top web search site of all the top sites, and it is the top viewed site with a domain authority of 98 on 100 scales. Everybody would commonly know what Google is and what it does, and it is available on every Android mobile, system, laptop, personal computer, and even tablet. 

Google advanced search tips

For every small inquiry, people would Google it. So advising people on how Google works, what it is, and what it does. Let us know how to use Google’s advanced search tips and tricks.

So, I would like to go a step further and tell you some more tricks that you may not know existed in Google. Yes, our regular Google assistant has some more tricks included within it, which you may don’t know will work. Some tips for searching engine optimization and advanced guide google search are supplied here.

Google has a Special Extension for Every Country.

A basic example of what you don’t know about Google is that Google is different for a different country. For example, if you are from America, Google has an extension of, and if you are from India, the extension for Google will be, and if you are from France, it will be

Google in every country has its extension, which will show the results from that country itself. That means you cannot directly search for something in France staying in the United States. This problem can be avoided by simply using – ‘/NCR‘ after the That means if you wanted to search from France’s database staying in the United States, enter in the search bar.

Yeah, let us see some more tricks and Google advanced search tools.

1. Search content of a single site in Google Advanced Search

We know that Google searches a topic from thousands of websites and displays it for you. But do you know that Google can search a single website and display all the content in it? Yes, it does. If you want to see all the posts at, you need not look on every page to see every content on the website.

Search for everything that is on in Google. The context to enter into Google to search for the will be Enter the above line in the Google search bar, and you will find the list of all posts on the Google Homepage.

2. Google Autocomplete in Google Advanced Search

When you are searching for a phrase, if you enter the starting words, Google will automatically complete the entire sentence for you, and you can choose which term to search for. But there is one more advanced trick in autocomplete in Google. If you enter the entire phrase in Google and if you want to replace a particular word with another, Google does it with ease.

In many search engines, if you want to know an unknown word in a sentence, the search engine will suggest the missing word if you put a star mark. But in Google, if you want to replace a comment, you can delete the word you wish to return and leave space in its place, and Google will suggest many sentences with the word replaced.

For example, if you search for how to get an iPhone, and if you want to replace the word ‘get,’ delete it from the sentence, and in that place, Google will suggest other similar or different terms.

3. Find the Alternatives

Yes, this is my favorite search overall, Google. You can find different alternatives for a single search term, product, app, or item simply in the Google search suggestions. It was the Google autocomplete, which we can use for finding alternatives.

If you are using WhatsApp and want to know the best alternatives of WhatsApp, you would search for other options of WhatsApp in Google. And it would suggest the best articles on WhatsApp alternatives. But you can do this in the search bar itself. Type ‘WhatsApp vs.’, and it will indicate the best WhatsApp alternatives from the autocompletes.

4. Avoid Annoying Search Results

Google is an algorithm that finds the exact term related to your search and points whatever post is related to your inquiry and displays it on your computer screen. While doing this unknowingly, it may show the results which you don’t need.

For example, if you are searching for an apple in Google, you are searching only for the Apple company. Google will not understand that you are searching for an Apple company, and it will show the results, including apple fruit and the Apple company. In this case, you can exclude some results which contain the Apple fruit. To do that, you can enter ‘-fruit’ in the Google search bar after Apple. Then the Google will exclude the results, including the fruit.

5. Use Quotes to Search Exact Terms

The Google algorithm is different because it doesn’t show the exact terms that you search in Google. It determines the meaning of what you are searching for, and it searches for synonyms and related phrases and provides you with the best result. If you want the exact term used in any post, add quotation marks before, and after the sentence, you tried to search in Google for. And it will show you all the results, including the exact search terms.

For example, if you want to search for the exact term Google advanced search tips and tricks, you can enter “Google advanced search tips and tricks” in the Google search bar and show you the posts having the exact search term.


Google always tries to improve its algorithms to make its uses more and more comfortable. And at the same time, it makes its users have fun using its products. One of such is Google games. Suppose you search on Google for It will show a separate Google tab with many games and inverted image views, mirror views, and many more for you. You can have fun with them.

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Google Advanced Search – Best Tips and Tricks to Ease Your Pain
Google Advanced Search – Best Tips and Tricks to Ease Your Pain
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