Every user of the computer or pc has heard about the term virus in the computer terminology. The virus is nothing but a malicious file that affected the regular operations of the computer and slows down.

Common Viruses in Computer 2019

Computer working speed and its performance duplicates the files and also carries malicious activities that were unhealthy to the computer’s health.

We listed a few common viruses in computer in 2022 those are most affected and most dangerous viruses.

List of Common viruses in computer

1. I love you

I love you was one of the most affected viruses in computer history. It affects more than 1 billion computers not only personal computers. This virus affected government computers and other confidential computers used by government officials.

ilove you virus

It comes with an email named subject as I LOVE YOU and have an attachment with the name of LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.VBS

After click on the file was downloaded and it was installed in the background. The file runs in the background and sends your personal data to all contacts in your windows address book and duplicates your files randomly. Finally, it corrupts your computer along with data.

The virus was originated in pentagon which was situated in Manila of the Philippines on 5th May 2000.  From there onwards it moves first towards hong kong and by there move to Europe and finally reached to united states.

The virus damaged approximately 5-9 billion us dollars worthy data in the official computers.

With the effect of this virus, the Pentagon and British parliament and CIA completely shut down their email systems until the problem was resolved.

So don’t open the email if you received by the name ILOVEYOU and with the attachment of the LOVE LETTER.txt.vbs.

If you open this email, your personal files will be in trouble and you have to forget about it and buy a new pc.

2. Code red

This was another type of virus that affects the computer and do a lot of damage at once upon a time in the global arena. The name of the virus also has a story.

code red virus

It was exposed by the two eye digital security employees. It was named as code red because at the time of that virus discovery. They were drinking code red mountain dew.

What is Code Red?

Code Red was a computer worm observed on the Internet on July 15, 2001. It attacked computers running Microsoft’s IIS web server. The Code Redworm was first discovered and researched by eEye Digital Security employees Marc Maiffret and Ryan Permeh when it exploited a vulnerability discovered by Riley Hassell.

The size of that virus was just 3569 bytes only. But once it was infected then it starts their work and duplicates files in your PC drives itself.

It fills the entire hard disk with the duplicated files and also opens the backdoor to the server. It can be accessed by the Hacker from the backdoor of the infected PC.

Finally, it leads to the disrupt the functions of the pc and collapses the PC.

This Virus causes approximately 2 Billion dollars loss and approximately 1-2 million servers were affected by this virus.

How did the Code Red virus spread?  It leaves the message with the CONTENT HACKED BY CHINESE after seeing this message you just have to forget about your data and just have to reset it.

3. Melissa

It was named after a dancer from Florida. It was created by David l Smith in 1999. It was an infected word document posted on the alt.sex net group.

melissa virus

In the 1990s, the Melissa virus, also known as Kwyjibo or Kwejeebo, infected 20% of the world’s computers.

It said that the list of passwords for pornographic sites. This makes the users enthusiastic and downloaded it.

When documents infected with the Melissa virus were opened, embedded macros would automatically send the same document to the first 50 contacts in the victim’s address book.

This will increase the mail trafficking and sometimes it will corrupt the infected pc. Mostly it interrupts the functions of the pc and damages the pc working.

Smith was caught by the FBI while tracing the document and Smith was cooperated with the FBI and helped them to capture the other virus creators like this.

He was put behind bars for only 20 months and paid fine of 5000 dollars as a penalty and it causes approximately 80 million dollars damage.

4. Sasser

Sasser is another type of virus that affects computers. This windows worm was first discovered in 2004.

sasser virus

It was created by the science student steven Jascha. It slows down the working speed of the computer and also affects the functions of the computer.

It will also spread itself to another computer through the internet.

An update was released to patch this bug.  Even though an update was released, Thousands of computers did not update.

The final result is the virus infected millions of computers like airline news agencies, public transport, hospitals. The estimated damage is nearly 18 billion dollars.

5. Zeus

It was a trojan horse. It will infect the windows computers. The main theme of this virus code is to steal the credentials like login id and passwords of large multinational corporations like Facebook, Amazon, Oracle, a bank of America, etc.

zeus virus details

It affects more than 25% of the united state’s computers. It estimates that more than 1 million computers were infected and more than 70 million data were stolen.

More than 100 people were arrested who were involved in this operation.

Once this Trojan was entered into the pc, then all your login credentials (Usernames and Passwords) were going into the third parties. They can steal all your data and money from your account.

6. Conficker

Another name for this virus was down up. It was developed by using the loopholes in the computer’s Operating system to create a botnet.

What is BotNet?

Botnet is a software intentionally designed to cause damage to a computer, server, client, or computer network.It may allow an attacker to access user’s personal information such as banking information, passwords, or personal identity.It can infect other devices connected to the network.

This virus infects more than 9 millions of computers all over the world.

The main target of this virus is to hack government computers and business people’s pics.

It was one of the biggest worm infections. It has done more than 9 billion us dollars damage.

It automatically allows the installation of the virus automatically without admin permission.


To avoid virus attacks, you need to install better Internet security suites in your computers. updating the operating system with recent patches is very important.

You should check the software terms and conditions before installing them on the PC. The common viruses on computers in 2022 is very dangerous.

Do not worry, they are fully cleaned from the hacker’s database. But the data stealers are using these viruses to attack official’s computers.

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