Best Google Chrome Extensions for Great Browsing Experience

Google Chrome is the most popular and most used browser. We have plenty of add-ons or extensions on Google Chrome. The browser becomes better with these Google Chrome browser extensions.

Small software programs that have the capability to customize the browsing experience are called Extensions.

Chrome extension is an application that runs as the toolbar in the web browser. Google Chrome extension also functions for web extension.

Google chrome browser showed its credibility with the availability of many google chrome extensions in its library.

Of course, every browser has its specialized extensions but not even one extension can match with chrome’s style.

It is difficult to pick up the best from the plenty of extensions. So we tried to bring you the awareness of some Google Chrome extensions. Look into those best extensions below.

Best Google Chrome Extensions for a better browsing experience

1. HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere is jointly produced by Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and The Tor Project. This extension for Google Chrome web along with Opera and Firefox can encrypt our communications and can browse securely.

Many websites lend support for the encryption over HTTPS, but it becomes difficult to use. Https everywhere is one of the best Google Chrome extensions.

When we are visiting the sites which don’t contain the HTTPS protocol, then HTTPS Everywhere is the option for secured browsing.

The Privacy Policy for Software by Electronic Frontier Foundation governs the HTTPS Everywhere.

If we check the feedbacks, many reports recorded the errors during the installation of HTTPS Everywhere.

2. Web Of Trust

In general, extensions protect our privacy across the internet, but still, there is a chance to face security risks.

The best way to win all security problems is by installing the Web of Trust (WOT).

Web of Trust can protect against malware, scams and some rogue web stores. This is a very good google chrome extension in the Chrome web store.

We can install this app on the mobile and then we can check for the best and safe sites based on user reviews.

There are Green, yellow and Red WOT symbols. Green indicates a secure website; yellow indicates a sketchy website and red indicates a dangerous website that has to be completely avoided.

Web of Trust gives us safe web browsing allowing the safety alerts.

3. Google Earth

Google Earth gives the user fantastic satellite images.

These images are available to the user every time the user opens a new tab.

The user can view the images, download them and can share on the social media websites also.

Google Earth is one of the best Google Chrome extensions from the Chrome web store.

4. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is one of the best google extension for chrome.

The duty of ad-block plus is to clean the web pages without containing any advertisements.

This extension can block banners, Facebook advertisements, YouTube adds from the webpage.

In order to support websites, some non-intrusive ads are not blocked by default.

This extension is open-source and is free for users.

This becomes a popular extension by being installed on over 100 million devices.

Full-length privacy is guaranteed and no data will be ruined by the app. Start installing ad-block and Stop irritating adds.

5. Honey

Honey extension finds and applies coupon codes when you shop online.

This extension works with the shopping giants like Amazon, Macy’s Target, etc. Honey keeps the user away from the annoyance of the retailers who frustrate with their newsletters and updates.

6. Hola

Hola is an unlimited free VPN. If we are using Hola, then we don’t need any censorship to browse the web.

We can observe a faster start time of videos and less buffering time. Hola charges for commercial purpose and it is free for non-commercial purposes.

This extension for Chrome derives the way to visit blocked websites so that we can get access to any website.

One user can use Hola on multiple devices. Till now over 157 million users are registered with Hola.

It is assured that our identity will be protected while visiting blocked websites.

7. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote web clipper is helpful in saving images, web pages, notes and anything that we want to save.

Having a web clipper we can save the required data with a single click. In order to draw attention, we can use visual callouts.

Gmail threads and attachments can be clipped. The benefit of having Evernote web clipper is that we can find clips on any device.

After using Evernote web clipper we can gather the best of the web easily.

By using Evernote we can access clips from desktop and mobiles too.

8. Google Dictionary

Google dictionary is a very popular extension today for your Google Chrome browser. Many people while reading on the internet come across certain words that are difficult to understand.

Here google dictionary clears that difficulty by providing the meanings to the words.

All we need to do is to double-click on the word for which we want to trace the meaning. Not one this extension can support different languages.

9. Boomerang for Mails

Boomerang is an Email scheduling extension. This add-on also keeps tracking the messages sent.

Boomerang is highly useful for remembering the data of sent emails.

The user can choose to get a message boomerang into your inbox if there is no reply.

10. Stay Focused

Addicted to social websites and the internet! Here is a medicine for you – that is Stay Focused.

Stay Focused sets the time limit that we spend on all social media. We can set a time limit to a particular website or for all websites we are using.

Stay Focused is such a useful extension that can help you to stay less focused on social networking sites.

This became a self- motivating app that won some millions of users.

We can work in an effective way after the time limit is set by cultivating proper time management.

Go! Install Stay Focused and beat Internet addiction.

11. LastPass

Well, confusing with many passwords! Add this LastPass google extension to chrome from Google Chrome web store.

This can help you to create a master password that can manage all other passwords of your different accounts in the device.

Even if we forget the password of a particular account the master password can help get it.

we can store Login details like username and password. We have the facility to attach our shopping profiles to this account.

The user can store and secure the Documents, pdf, images, videos, and audios.

12. Flash Tabs

Flash Tabs is one of the Google chrome extensions which enables the user to set flashcards and process through them at every new tab.

This tab makes learning other things like some foreign language easily while working on a different assignment.

13. Blur

Today we people are living in the place of privacy threats and fake online issues.

In such situations, we definitely need blur like extensions so as to protect our privacy.

Different things like managing passwords, safe net banking, online payments etc.are possible with Blur.

Blur provides the best privacy options that are against tracking.

To live a completely private life with technology use Blur that can satisfy you in a good way.

14. Just Not Sorry

Just Not Sorry is the best of the Google Chrome Add-ons.

This add-on helps in writing good and appropriate emails.

It helps the user in undermining the words like ‘Sorry’, ‘Just’, ‘Excuse’ in the emails addressed to colleagues or bosses to undermine your expression.

15. Too Many Tabs

For those who do a substantial amount of work on browsers, this is very much useful.

We can open a couple of tabs with the help of this extension in a single window.

We find a clear preview of the content of every tab. The user can do an instant tab search.

We can sort tabs by time, title, and domain.

The user can restore the tabs when they are closed with the help of this extension.

Final Words

The above Google Chrome Extensions are most popular in the Chrome App Store. there are also some additional chrome web extensions like Google Calendar which can be found in the Google web storeThey give a great and secure browsing experience. Share this list with your friends and family members on social media.

Satish Ithamsetty
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