15 Free Online virus scanners to Secure Your Computer and Mobiles

Most of the Antivirus providers are providing free online scanning tools. A few are doing well by using their cloud-based servers remotely without installing the software they need.

But online virus checking does not replace real antivirus software. If I find any suspicious activity on my computer or servers, here is my favorite list of free online virus scanners, which I use in my regular work.

What is an Online Virus Scanner?

The online virus scanners are specially designed web services and they check on your device from a remote server. If they find suspicious files on your computer, they find them and give you a quick and easy way to fix the problem without having to download and install a lot of security software.

All virus scanners are not similar in their functions. Every tool has different options with its accuracy, customization features, and more.

How to scan my computer with free online virus scanners?

For a few years, online antivirus was reduced to a trickle. For a few years, it worked mostly with the Internet Explorer browser, and we could scan our computers. Since then, the few online antivirus programs that are still around require you to install a “module” before they can scan your PC for online viruses and get rid of them.

So, instead of doing an online PC analysis to see if you should use a different antivirus, you prefer to use virus removal software from one of the big names in antivirus. They detect and remove viruses, Trojans, and other malware on your computer.

This type of virus scan is different from the regular and traditional virus scanning programs.

What is the list of top-rated free online virus scanners?

However, if it is to analyze a suspicious URL or file before or after downloading, do not hesitate to use Virustotal, Dr.Web, or Jotti’s virus scan below. The given list includes tested and top-rated free online virus scanners.

1. ESET Online Scanner

ESET gives you the chance to check and clean your PC’s system without having to install antivirus software. The ESET analysis module is a free online scanner. The ESET Free Online Scanner is very good.

We strongly suggest that you don’t just rely on online analysis, but instead install real antivirus software that checks your computer all the time. The ESET Online Scanner is the most well-known and dedicated to system security advancements of the free online virus scanners.

Start the Online Scan ESET Online Scanner It works with most current browsers. ESET for Windows 10 antivirus is also available in the trial version.

No online analysis module whatsoever can effectively protect your computer.


  • It Scans your entire computer
  • Gives a 100% accuracy rate
  • Anti-stealth technology (anti-rootkit) are added
  • Scanning customization features are available
  • Comprehensive reports are available


  • Downloadable add-on required
  • Only available for Windows version
  • To complete scan takes more than 30 minutes

2. BitDefender Quick Scan

It is an on-demand online antivirus service that uses analysis engines that have won awards to scan for malware. Bitdefender Quick Scan is an online tool which is used in the cloud. On a PC, a scan to look for malware runs very quickly and usually takes less than 60 seconds.

The Bitdefender malware scan performs a flash analysis “in the cloud” in less than 60 seconds in general, to detect viruses and spyware, and is an alternative to traditional antivirus scanners.

A Quick Scan can only find viruses and spyware that are running in memory or in files that are run when the computer starts up. The bodies of inactive viruses are not searched and are therefore not detected

You can use it to scan your system’s memory, all files, and boot sectors of your hard disks, and automatically disinfect infected ones. It also allows the disinfection of spyware.


  • It is Available as Browser extensions for Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome users
  • It completes their scanning < 1 minute
  • Effective Adware removal tool added
  • Quick malware detection feature


  • Must download the tool
  • No detailed reporting after the scan
  • Some reports of interference with other apps
  • Very Limited accuracy

3. Norton Security Scanner

The Norton security scan is a lightweight tool from the Symantec Company. All Norton products are the most popular and recommended by top-rated companies like Microsoft and Intel.

It does not run on mobile devices. You can go for premium versions if you really need to scan your mobiles.

The scanner scans your computer and informs you about viruses and malware and enables you to rescue your PC if they are present. The scanning is very fast and secure. You can try this.

It is a simple and effective free virus scanner and virus removal tool.


  • Great Full system-scan
  • Awesome Suspicious cookies scanning
  • It Identifies system vulnerability effectively
  • Top-rated virus and malware detection
  • It is a more Trusted and well-established brand


  • It is not a true web-based service
  • We Can’t clean the infections
  • Only available on Windows

4. Jotti’s malware scan

Virusscan Jotti lets you check a suspicious file online with 22 antivirus programs, including Ad-Aware, Agnitum, Arcabit, Avast, AVG, Avira, BitDefender, ClamAV, DrWeb, ESET, Fortinet, F-Secure, G-Data, Ikarus, Kaspersky, Panda, Quick Heal, Sophos, TrendMicro, and VBA32. This is one of the good malware virus scanners. If the online virus scan file is large, it will not be accepted for upload. It accepts only 100MB as a maximum upload size.

  • Antivirus Engines: 20
  • Max Upload Size: 100 MB
  • Upload Method: Web
  • Upload Progress Meter: YES
  • Uploaded files shared with antivirus vendors: YES

5. HouseCall Free Online Virus Scan from TrendMicro

Trend Micro’s HouseCall is a free online virus scanner that checks a computer for viruses, spyware, and other types of malware.

It also does extra safety checks to find and fix security holes so that new infections don’t happen. It looks at the Windows64-bit and Windows32-bit operating systems, which you choose by clicking the right button.

HouseCall can quickly find and fix a wide range of threats, such as viruses, worms, Trojans, and spyware. Includes:

  • Full scan and custom scan options, in addition to Quick Scan.
  • Support for 64-bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.
  • Support housecall for Mac OS 10.7 or later.

Install HouseCall launcher from Trend Micro

6. Dr. Web virus scans online

You simply upload a suspicious file and run an online check of suspect files and links (URLs) with antivirus software such as Dr.Web to look for possible viruses, malicious code, or unwanted programs.

Our virus database and the most recent version of Dr. Web Anti-Virus are used to check the files online.

At the end of the scan, a report corresponding to the analysis will be automatically displayed.

7. VirusTotal – Check suspicious files or URLs

VirusTotal is one of the most popular multi-engine online virus scanners. It was acquired by Google in September 2012.

VirusTotal is better than its competitors in almost every way, including speed (thanks to Google’s infrastructure) and having the most antivirus engines and features, such as the ability to use the public API for free.

This is the best online virus scanner in 2022.

With 46 antivirus engines, you can quickly check a file or a suspicious URL to find viruses, worms, Trojans, and other types of malware. They are known as Avast! AVG, Avira, BitDefender, ClamAV, Comodo, DrWeb, Emsisoft, ESET, F-Secure, Kaspersky, Malwarebytes Anti-malware, McAfee, SUPERAntiSpyware, TrendMicro HouseCall, etc.

VirusTotal online file scan is one of the best scanners and it comes with top-rated virus scanning engines.

  • Antivirus engines: 70
  • Max Upload Size: 32MB
  • Upload Method: Web + SSL, Email Attachment, Windows Context Menu, Desktop Browser, Android
  • Upload Progress Meter: YES
  • Uploaded files shared with antivirus vendors: YES

VirusTotal is providing desktop tools to start scanning from your PC by uploading it into the cloud. Windows, Mac, and Linux versions are available.

You can use their browser extension for safe browsing. If you are a smartphone user, you can try the virustotal Android version also.


  • No download required
  • Free service
  • High level of accuracy
  • Performs quickly
  • Several scanning options
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Cross-platform


  • Limited to one file/URL at a time
  • Unable to remove the infection

8. Kaspersky Virus Desk

Kaspersky is one of the leading online security providers. It has a free online virus scanner. It supports both URL scanning and files. You can upload the suspicious file up to 50 MB for further analysis.

To do this scanning, just open the virus desk link, and enter the URL to scan or upload the file, then click the SCAN button to start an analysis. The results will be displayed on the same page after you complete the scan.

This is one of the best online document scanners. If any threat is detected, the Kaspersky Virus desk displays the message like this, Threats detected in <file name> by showing the threat file name with details. If nothing is found, it shows the “No threats detected” message.

9. F-Secure Online Scanner

The f-secure online scanner is an online antivirus. It allows a free scan of your computer to check for the presence of malicious files.

Why not test your computer with antivirus online? When a computer is infected, it frequently happens that the resident antivirus software (the one you have yourself installed) no longer returns the necessary information or even works at all.

Test your computer with an online antivirus that allows you to have an outside view with an updated antivirus.


  • Removes infected files
  • 70% accuracy rate
  • Takes less than a minute to scan
  • Simple user interface
  • Regularly updated for new threats


  • Only available on Windows
  • No cloud-based scanner
  • No custom scan options
  • System-restart required

10. Metascan Online

It is a smart website that permits you to upload a 140MB file to be scanned by nearly 43 different antivirus engines at once, including popular antivirus scanners like Microsoft, Kaspersky, McAfee, and AVG.

This scanning supports 7Z, EXE, Zip extensions, images, and document files as well.

In this scanning, the Meta scanner can also scan by IP address, hash value, and website URL.

Metascan offers a Chrome extension, an Android scanner, and a Windows and Mac version that scans any folder for malware.

11. UnThreat Online Scanner

The UnThreat Online Scanner uses the Unthreat free antivirus scanning engine to identify Trojans, worms, and other malicious content.

You can upload one file up to 30 MB in size. URL scanning is also a great feature.

12. Comodo Free Online Scanner

Comodo Free online scanner is another free tool to scan and detect all viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, and other malware.

To conduct the scan, you have to download their tool from the official site and install it on your PC.

Comodo is the most popular and potential internet security provider in the online market. The detected infections will be removed by Microsoft certified experts. It is a completely free tool.

13. Panda Cloud Cleaner

Panda Security is one of the online security providers since 1998. More than 30 million users are securing their systems with this awesome security suite.

The Panda Cloud Cleaner is a free version to scan your PC. Just download their simple tool, install it and scan the pc.  It has browser extensions for safe browsing for Chrome, Firefox, and IE users.

14. Quick Heal Online Virus Scan

The Quick Heal online virus scan is one of the top-rated products from Quick Heal Technologies Ltd. It is one of the leading IT security solutions companies, which is an award-winning company.

It has a free online virus scanner. It offers two different types of online scanners. They are the Antivirus Scan (to detect known malware and other malicious programs hiding on your computer) and the DNA Scan (which detects malware threats).

To get this free online scanner, just fill in the details in the given form like your name and email address and download the offline installer to continue the scanning.

The company is providing great solutions for online antivirus scanning for mobile memory card users.

15. BullGuard – Free Online Virus Scan

BullGuard is one of the cybersecurity giant companies. It is offering a free dedicated online virus checker.

If you suspect your computer with unwanted visitors, no need to worry. The Bullguard is the perfect tool to scan and control your computer and it detects the potential malware easily.

From the recent update, this tool added to the BullGuard internet security premium suite. Now it is available with 60 days free trial version.

By the result, after detecting the unwanted malware on your computer, the suite will remove all the party crashes.


  • It is available for all browsers
  • More advanced available
  • Great Premium quality
  • 60 days Free trial


  • No dedicated online scanner
  • The installation process takes more time

Final Words

The Free online virus scanners are the great tools to scan your PC without downloading huge sized software and no need to pay anything.

The above listed top 15 great and Free Online Scanners are available around the clock means 24X7.

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