Best Windows 10 Apps: It Makes Your Life much Better


Microsoft Windows deeply injected us with its last version, Windows 10. Possessing a Windows PC, tablet, or mobile phone is not trouble, but making better use of those products is critical. Here are our suggestions for the best Windows 10 apps apt to run on Windows 10 efficiently.

best windows 10 apps list 2020

Many people may not know about the app store that works for Windows 10 PCs. The apps in the Microsoft Store are user-friendly for Windows 10. We can purchase some apps from the Microsoft Store and get some of them for free. Whatever it may be, those who have not leaped over to Windows 10 are surely missing out on these perks. The Microsoft store has the best Windows ten apps to cater to the users’ needs.

Best Windows 10 Apps list 2022

1. Dolby Access 

For epic surround sound, Credits to Dolby Laboratories for providing a complimentary subscription to the app. Dolby served up some apt experiences for music lovers. In turn of this app can also do the same with Windows 10. Along with Windows, Dolby Atmos has enabled the consoles for the Xbox video game. Dolby Atmos uses spatial audio to bring extra strength to the surround sound. Dolby Access is one of the best Windows 10 apps.

After installing this product, we can hear a change in the audio output. The home theater speakers of Dolby Atmos can provide high-quality MP3. Those who want Dolby Atmos to be enabled while listening through headphones need to pay extra money. We can do this by purchasing the app, which stands as the negative side of this app. Xbox video game consoles are vital to getting access to Dolby Atmos.

2. Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft launched this app in late 2017. The need for this app is very much known when making lists, and now it has become so easy to incorporate the required locations and dates. All we need to do is connect with the app with the help of a personal Microsoft account, and the changes will be there immediately. We can also sync these changes with other app versions on iOS and Android.

This app has a streamlined design that gives a minor problem to manage with the elements. We may lose the data if we do not use the app for more than two days. The devices run on Microsoft Windows 10, like mobile phones and PCs, and support the Microsoft To-Do App.

3. Bitcoin Miner

Even though the concept of Bitcoin is very intimidating, it has become more popular today. Windows 10 can provide the possibility of Bitcoin mining through the Bitcoin miner app. The app streamlines the process enormously. This is an easy way to install the app, so the user needs to do nothing except press a big start button.

We can start earning Bitcoins, and for that, we do not need much knowledge to use the app. All Windows 10 gadgets support the Bitcoin Miner. Windows 10 PCs, tablets, and mobile phones support Bitcoin. Try earning Bitcoins with a quick install of the app. Bitcoin Miner is one of the best Windows 10 apps.

4. Crypto Chart

We use the Crypto Chart for tracking your crypto coins. The adoption of cryptocurrency is increasing rapidly. But the crypto portfolios, trades, and transactions themselves are less secured. To bring protection, the Crypto chart was the first app designed for Windows 10. This app can keep a soundtrack of all the functions related to cryptocurrency.

Benefits with Crypto Chart

Users are allowed to track the portfolios and prices of literally hundreds of crypto coins. The customizable portfolio is supported, and the transaction dates and currency sort the funds. The jumps and drops of crypto coin currency are known as alerts. Also, the latest updates regarding Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are visible on a single page. Windows 10 App: Crypto Chart is one of the Windows 10 apps.

The window’s title feature is a benefit to this app. When we pin this to the start menu, the prices are seen on the tile itself. We don’t like the promotional material significance here, although specific sites are removed from the feed.

5. Instagram for PCs-One of the Best Windows 10 Apps

Shocked? Yes, you may install an Instagram account on your Windows phone, but now it also happens on a PC.

This official Instagram provides all the features on the mobile phone. The tile on the window starts the menu and displays the profile images of your followers who react to your posts. The best advantage of having Instagram on PC is that we can watch stories on a big screen. This makes us feel akin to watching YouTube videos. We can protect our story feed without holding a mobile phone in our hands. But still, the app can be used with the help of the mouse.

6. Universal Apps

Windows 10 also supports some universal apps that have extra features. Universal apps can interact with the built-in notifications of Windows. The current info is displayed on the live tiles on the start menu. Universal apps do not affect the operating system, as they are vetted for security and quality. These can get in the way.

They can be installed on smartphones, laptops, PCs, and even game consoles. As the number of users continues to pour in, the best apps are also making their way into the store.

7. DropBox

DropBox is now less essential, as the one drive is included with Windows versions. By using this app, we can download files and photos. Its cloud storage and syncing capabilities can determine the excellence of this app. We can star our favorite items too. When the images are shot on the device on which it is installed, the app can act as an auto-uploader.

8. Duolingo

 This is the online auction house that is serving you better. Through this, we can sell or buy products with good filtering options. To give a frank statement, this is a touchable interface. Rather than using the other apps, we can use this universal app first.

9. Fresh Paint

The modern app, “Fresh Paint,” has reserved its best place as the most impressive Windows app. Realistic paint, pencil structures, watercolors, and multitouch finger points are supported. When we are supposed to draw cartoons, this app helps us by providing prefab starting points.

In-app purchases, we can purchase apps under the names of the “Artistic Pack,” “Fun Pack,” and “Adventurous Pack.” The user may export the designed masterpiece to the PNG file or email and other social networks. The results are awe-inspiring and make us feel like real-looking paint.

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