How to identify Slow Internet Connection?

how to identify slow internet connection

Sometimes having an acceptable Internet connection is our responsibility to the ISP that we have behind. Yes, it matters when you have a good connection, but we must not forget that if we do not maintain a set of guidelines, we can suffer the disadvantages associated with a slow Internet connection.

how to identify slow internet connection

We are getting a few of the questions about slow net speed.

why is the internet so slow today?

how to fix slow internet?

why did my browsing so slow down all of a sudden today?

why is my internet so slow all of a sudden?

Why the internet slow on one computer but fast on another?

why my internet connection is slow?

If you’re having problems with your connections to the Internet and do not know why do not worry. Here are the simple tips that you may be able to find where the problem is and how to fix it. Sometimes Windows 10 is showing Slower Download Speeds. If you are facing slow loading web pages windows 7, you have to check the system settings.

There are several reasons you might have a lazy internet connection even when you use it for a high-speed one such as DSL or wire. The web is developed on a number of various technologies, which communicate with one different, which recommends data can reduce speed before it approaches you. It could be your Web Service Provider, hardware, or DNS server that might be at fault. However, there are other factors to check out for the cause. After reading our post if you can acknowledge any person how to repair slow web and boost download velocity.

Who among us does not want to get a faster web browsing experience all the time? But it is not possible for the majority of the time. It does not matter how quickly your internet connection is. If you desire to get more active web speed, the majority of the time, you need to know approved methods to reduce your internet browser cache and empty temporary folder while using Microsoft Windows. So hereunder in this post, we are giving you the important ideas to increase your internet speed.

First of all and most importantly, because it is not convenient to start the cart before the horse, you must check your slow Internet connection.

Make sure you have no program or application to open a network that might be using the connection, open your web browser and search for “Internet Speed Test”. If the speed becomes low, the business will below.

With more convince you check the upload speeds and download that gives you the test and compare with the fastness you have contracted.

Day to day, every student is depending on smart mobile for online browsing activity. Most of the students are facing low data accessing problem while they are accessing videos from their phones for educational purposes. till now more villages are facing these data accessing problem in very well established districts. In this time every kbps (Net rate) will be count.

Every school is using minimum broadband service to interact with people. Most of the parents are getting access to official school’s access to knowing their children’s status in education.

If we see that the net speed is very different from what we have contracted before speaking with our supplier, we will make several checks to make sure it’s not our problem.

First of all and if we have multiple computers at home, check that the fastness is the same in all of them. The router is the extension device of the modem.

Before going to speed up the internet, follow the bellow settings to overcome the lazy internet connection windows 10.

How to check the Slow internet connection?

If your web pages loading slowly? Or internet weak after windows 10 update, check the below best settings

1. Check the Router device settings 

If we only have a PC or have several but the connectedness is just delayed in all of them, we will try to make a “Hard Reset” from our router device. Just what will quench and will slight, waiting 10-20 seconds between switching off and on.

The router is a computer more and may have a problem we solve that. If we want to know more about configuring your router, in Annex M have talked about it before.

We may be connected to your router via WiFi, no Ethernet connexion. When setting up a router network in our home must be very careful because there are external elements that can interfere with the signal.

We may have a bad sign, there is interference or we have not configured well. It also spoke in Annex M, so you can read this article to know how to properly configure your wireless network.

2. Control Without software

Another point to consider is to make sure that we have no program for downloading files, as can be BitTorrent or eMule running in the background on our team.

They are often left running in the background without realizing it and they are the ones that we are “sucking” all the bandwidth of our network.

To find out if this is so, open the Task Manager and check that you have neither executed. It may also be that some adware or malware (viruses) are making the rounds, so it would be convenient to you to pass a virus to your computer.

Team DNS addresses resolve to our computer all URLs, returning the correct IPs that have to be addressed.

These DNS addresses may be failing, so it will be necessary to change the lazy network setting of our machine. In addition to IP, we can change the DNS itself. Most often it is automatic but can assign us a fixed.

Also, try to install another browser. Sometimes the problem may simply be there. It is convenient to install multiple browsers on your computer.

In addition to Internet Explorer, you can try Opera, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. There are many options and you just have to find the most suitable for squeezing your slow net.

3. Last configuration (If the above methods do not work)

If you see that none of this works, we have two options. The first is quite simply that we are stealing the WiFi net. Annex M will also have spoken at length about it.

The quickest solution is to enter your router and change the password of our net router devices putting safer.

Although there are more configuration options when it comes to ensuring our wireless network in the linked article provides a detailed explanation.

4. Slow connection due to computer

A slow internet connection can also be caused by your computer itself. In general, it is advisable to perform regular cleanings of your computer, to get rid of malicious applications and unnecessary software, which affect the functioning and speed of your computer when browsing the internet.

Cause of the slowdownSolution
1. If different software connected to the internet are open at the same time (instant messaging, update, download), they can slow down the connection significantly1. Close all software requiring an internet connection
2. Several sessions open on the same computer2. Closed sessions
3. Some viruses can automatically connect to the internet without the user’s knowledge and can use a large part or even all of the bandwidth3. Perform regular anti-virus and anti-spyware scans.
4. A badly configured firewall can slow down an internet connection4. Disable the firewall and see if the connection works better. If not, reconfigure the firewall

Also remember to regularly update your operating system (Windows 10, macOS, Linux, etc.). These participate in the continuous improvement of the functioning of your devices and can thus improve your speed of browsing on the internet.

5. Try another DNS server

DNS changer

In some cases, changing the DNS server may speed up your connection speed if the DNS servers from your default ISP are slow.

Here’s how it works:

When you connect to a website like, your computer contacts its DNS servers and asks “At what IP address can I find It gets a response and connects to that IP address, which can be something like


And finally, you cannot rule out the slow internet slow problem is real to our ISP, who suffer some kind of technical problem or simply not possible to get faster in the location where we are. The present internet service providers are giving minimum fast to access the online data, videos from their smartphone. They are providing a minimum of 5 MBps as average speeds by providing a minimum plan to their customers as recharge cards. The net providers are fixing their brand new routers in the customer’s house. I am using cable networks for my online access. The streaming and signal rate is good for my smart TV.  Contact the service provider and confirms that there is a solution or not.

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