Zoom Alternatives: Best Video Conferencing Platforms in 2021

Are you searching for the best Zoom Alternatives? Here are the best alternatives to the Zoom Video Conferencing app.

As we all know, in recent days due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, there is a huge gap caused in the face to face conversations due to major lockdowns. At this stage, many companies and even individuals started using Video conferencing apps which made conversations easy between people and even commodities. Thus the use of these video conferencing apps increased day by day. 

zoom alternatives for better video conferencing calls

What is Zoom?

One major app that has gained much popularity in the recent days due to COVID 19 pandemic is the Zoom Video conferencing app. The Zoom is a video conferencing app from Zoom Video communications inc. This is a peer-to-peer software platform used for teleconferencing.

This is headquartered in San Jose, California. This app is free and allows up to 100 people to add to the conference with a time limit of 40 minutes. For more features and time you can update with just $15 to $20. The zoom also offers the best prices for business conference rooms at $50 to $100. 

But in the event of this high popularity, there are few vulnerabilities of privacy concerns and warnings of hijackings from various authorities. The usage of this application has become a big question for many. Here is a quick video explaining how zoom is causing these vulnerabilities. 

Zoom bombing

As this has become the biggest question, whether the Zoom is safe for our video conferences many started switching to alternatives of zoom. On the request of many people to me, I am writing this article showing the best alternatives for Zoom which will help you avoid any kind of vulnerabilities. 

Zoom Alternatives: Limited Video Conferencing Platforms

Keeping Zoom aside there are many video conferencing apps which are popular way before the zoom app. Here are some of them which you can use. The Limited Video conferencing platforms are those which can be used for limited people. These are available for free to everyone. One can simply install and use any one of these for video conferencing. Here are some of the limited video conferencing platforms for yours. 

Here are the Few Zoom Alternatives in 2020.

1. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Trams - video conferencing platform

The Microsoft teams are an office 365 product for video conferences. To use Microsoft teams you can simply signup to your Microsoft account using your outlook id or your email. In the free account of Microsoft teams, you can invite up to 300 people who can join you at the conference. Within the free version itself, you will get all the primary features. For some features like business office apps and scheduled messages, you can upgrade to premium which costs from $5 onward. 


  • Can be used to connect more people into a team
  • This is a super-organized channel for team management.
  • Screen sharing can also be done using Microsoft teams
  • Can upload shared files up to 10GB per team


  • It looks a bit similar to Slack.

2. Microsoft Skype (Face to face)

Microsoft Skype Video conferencing App

Skype is another Microsoft product that is much more popular than the Microsoft teams. This is well known for business hangouts.

In skype you can add up to 50 participants and there is no time limit for calling. Most of the smaller companies still use Skype as the best free online platform for video conferences. This is another Zoom alternatives.

The best feature of skype is that you can even do your meetings without even logging into the account. One can simply generate a Meet Now video Conferencing link and share it personally to invites friends into the conference. 


  • The free access web app lets you use Skype without even an app to be installed. 
  • Screen sharing is available


  • Call credits are a bit high compared to other apps. 

3. Google Hangouts Meet

Google hangouts meet

The Google Hangouts Meet is a product of Google and is best for small-sized businesses for hangouts and video meetings. One can easily start a hangout video chat in the Google Hangouts meeting. In the Hangouts meet you can add up to 150 people into a team. There is also a chrome extension available which you can use across all devices. 

4. Signal

The signal is a product of the Signal Foundation and Signal Messaging LLC. It is another application like Watsapp which has gained a bit of popularity in video conferences. The signal is best in providing better privacy and security features to its customers. This is a complete privacy solution for both mobile and desktop platforms. The app is completely free of cost and it does not charge the users in any way. The signal application is supported on all of your devices like Mac, Windows, Android, and also iPhone. 


  • No in-app purchases in the app.(100% free)
  • Powered by Signal protocol


  • The User Interface can be still simplified. 
  • Like WhatsApp, you can only verify through Mobile number
  • The web application is not available for signal.

5. Whatapp Messenger (Mobile messenger)

Whatsapp messenger and video calling app

This is the most popular application most of us use right now founded by Jan Koum and Brian Acton. This can also be used as a video conference app for small businesses.  The limit of WhatsApp video calls is four persons at once.

This may change in future days as the discussion is going online to increase the Video call limit for users. This app is now owned by Facebook INC. The WhatsApp messenger can be used to share any kind of media and also do voice and video calls.  Here are the Whatsapp Alternatives.


  • Supported on all smart  devices(Android and Apple)
  • Web Application is also available which acts as a clone of the original application


  • The call limit is 4 which is less compared to other applications

6. Facebook Messenger (All in one messenger)

Facebook Messenger is yet another best application for Video Conferences over time. This is owned by Facebook Inc. and has many features included in it. The best thing in Messenger is that you can add up to 50 members in a group video conference and the application is completely free for anyone with a smartphone in hand.


  • Free and no in-app purchases available in the application.
  • It Can be accessed on any device. 


  • Nothing

7. HouseParty (Group up together)

HouseParty Services

The House party is another face to face Social network that has become most popular in recent times. With HouseParty, you can throw a party at any time and your friends can join your party anytime using your invite link. You can add participants up to eight at the house party.

There is a version available for all of your devices. The app is completely free for everyone, if you want to increase the person’s limit you can purchase credits in the in-app purchase. This is the best free alternative to zoom.


  • Privacy and Locking the Room
  • Available across all of your devices.
  • Can send side texts and photos in the group chat which will disappear in 24 hours.


  • Video Chatting with up to Eight People

8. Jitsi Services

Jitsi services

Jitsi is one of the free Zoom alternative open source projects, Free instant messaging and video conferencing platform. This is available for Android, macOS, iOS and Windows users. You can stay in touch with all your family members, team, colleagues with instant video conference features. This is a free Zoom alternative.


  • Unlimited users
  • New account not needed
  • Lock protected rooms
  • High-quality audio and video delivery
  • It is a web browser ready
  • You can invite your friends with pretty URLs
  • open-source video conferencing


  • Limited space for 50 people
  • Need to spend some time to know the Interface options

Warning: when using a Jitsi Meet instance, your stream is encrypted on the network but decrypted on the machine that hosts the bridge.

Video Conferencing Platforms for large events online

 While the limited video conferencing apps work fine for individuals and tiny businesses there is also a need for large Video Conferencing platforms due to this COVID 19 Pandemic. If you are one of those looking for Large video conferencing platforms, any one of the below is the best choice for yours. You can go through and pick the best one from below. 

9. Go-to-Meeting

GotoMeeting service

Go to Meeting is a well-known video conferencing app for businesses. The free version of the Go To meeting can be used for conferences of up to 50 members.

In the free version, you will get limited features where you have no privilege of sharing slides at conferences. For all the additional features you can choose the premium version which basically comes in three different packs. 


  • User Interface is very simple and easy to understand.
  • It can create URLs to share with friends, who can easily access the room. 


  • Some advanced features can be only availed in the premium version

10. Join.me

Join.Me free services

Join.me is an app for online meetings, screen sharing, and team conferences. You can create your room and share it with a link to let others access your room. The free version of the Join.me lets you invite 10 members to join the room. The free plan itself includes all the best features. To increase the participant’s limit you can opt for higher plans. 


  • Advanced features are available in the free plan itself
  • Premium plans are very cost-efficient
  • Screen Sharing feature and Real-time chat are available


  • Whiteboard feature is only limited to the iPad.

11. Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex

While GoTo meeting stands first in the line, the Cisco Webex is also far better than many video conferencing applications. This is best suitable for large companies who choose the enterprise version of the WebEx conferences. In the free version itself, you can create a meeting of up to 50 participants. For additional participants, you can upgrade to higher versions. 


  • A most popular application for online webinars and meetings
  • Support and advanced features available


  • The interface is a bit complicated for beginners
  • Browser-based

12. RingCentral


RingCentral is the best option for large Businesses. This offers credits for each customer which will be utilized when a call is made. Even though it is a bit high for individual users, large businesses can utilize this because of its advanced features and services and privacy concerns. In the premium version of RingCentral, you can add up to 100 participants for video conferencing. The higher plan you choose the higher will be the benefits of RingCentral.


  • Easy to configure and customization
  • Wide range of pricings for better options 


  • The basic plan has very limited features. 


Privacy is the biggest concern for each and every one. For Businesses, privacy is one major factor that needs to be protected. While using any third party software like these you need to go through all the functions of the application mostly when the application is free. 

Is Zoom safe to use? Here’s what you need to know

So, this is the list we have updated for the alternatives of Zoom. Before using these applications too, it is well-advised on our behalf to completely go through all the terms and conditions. 

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