The 9 Best AI Video Generators On the Internet (text to video)

Best AI Video Generators

Would you like to know how AI video generators help businesses reach out to their target audience? Are you looking for a way to personalize your videos for each viewer?

If so, AI video generators are the perfect solution for you! Available in various shapes and sizes, these video creators allow businesses of all sizes to create customized videos that communicate their message clearly and efficiently.

So, if you’re ready to take your marketing efforts to the next level, be sure to check out AI video generators today!

Do you lack the time or ability to make a video for your online company? These AI video generators will do all the work for you, so try them out.

Best AI Video Generator tools

Time-consuming and laborious video editing is required. Even with the best video editing tools, amazing results still need a lot of human involvement.

What is an AI video?

AI video is a type of digital video that is made with the help of machine learning algorithms or computer programs that can figure out how to make and edit videos on their own. AI video is used to create digital video content that is more engaging and interesting to watch and more accurate and reliable.

There are many ways to use AI video in marketing and advertising campaigns. For example, you can use AI video to create digital video content that is more engaging and interesting to watch.

You can also use AI video to create digital video content that is more accurate and reliable. It can use AI video to create digital video content that is more engaging and interesting to watch and more precise and reliable.

What is the criteria behind these AI based Video creation tools?

Below are the criteria for the best AI video generators.

  • It is effortless to use.
  • user-friendly platform
  • This allows the creation of high-resolution videos.
  • They provide excellent value for money.
  • Real users have given you mostly favorable feedback.
  • to create training videos for your business.
  • Create instructional videos for your business.

That specific AI-powered video generator must have worked well for me. It helps you to create AI videos by simply typing in text.

For us, AI tools are now available, which is fortunate for us. On the other hand, the next generation of AI video generators automates video production and editing without sacrificing quality.

We look at several of the greatest AI-powered video conversion tools and how they will save you time. Soon, with just a few clicks, you’ll be able to create engaging videos for your business or personal use.

Best AI Video Generators List 2022

AI video generators are usually accompanied by a virtual human presenter. The AI is set up to pick up on the subject’s feelings and movements and say the right things in response. The following list helps you to create instructional videos for your business within a few minutes of work.

It makes it easier for you to create videos that have a natural feel. I have used several AI video creation platforms with a virtual human presenter in the past, and most of them were not very user-friendly and could be confusing to use.

1. GliaCloud

Videos are widely recognized for increasing website traffic, engagement, and sales. You might, however, lack the expertise or resources to do so.

You may use GliaCloud to produce high-quality videos from existing written material in minutes. There isn’t any need for video editing software or special gear. It will automatically generate an interesting video if you upload your article or post the link.

You can preview and change this script as needed before using it to make an HD video file that you can put on your website or social media pages.

2. Synthesia

Synthesia is an AI video creator that allows you to make professional videos in over 50 languages without any actors, cameras, or mics.

It’s great for individuals who want to make videos for personal use and small companies that need additional material but can’t afford to employ experts. Studying the substance of your blog posts, news articles, and web pages may generate engaging and relevant videos.

Choosing your AI avatar, designing your own, writing or pasting your script, and downloading your AI videos take only a few minutes. You can also translate your videos directly from Synthesia.

3. InVideo

InVideo is a tool that creates videos based on the input text and uses artificial intelligence. Using templates that have already been professionally designed and animated, this software makes it simple to produce high-quality videos in just a few minutes.

You may paste in your material, pick a design that suits yours, or make it yourself and download the finished item or share it directly on social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Memes, promotional videos, presentations, video testimonials, slideshows, and other videos may all be created using this tool.

4. Synths Video

Are you trying to develop a new way to keep your audience interested? With just a few clicks, Synths Video lets you turn any blog post into an interesting video. You may also pick from over 45 different human avatar options.

Based on the words in your writing, this software creates natural-looking lip movement. You don’t need any technical expertise since everything is automated, so there’s no need for you to be concerned.

By writing your blog post as usual and uploading the file to Synths Video, it will turn into an interesting video that you can post directly to YouTube.


Anyone who isn’t a professional video editor would find many video editing tools too difficult. Even if you’re a pro, you’ll have to spend hours learning how to use each instrument before you can make something really interesting.

With just a little understanding of computers and video editing, anyone can create excellent videos with VEED.IO. You may generate powerful films by tweaking text, colors, fonts, music, and other elements.

Depending on what type of message you want to send through your video, you can pick from various themes.

6. Lumen5

Lumen5 is a tool for making videos that helps marketers and brands tell engaging visual stories. You may construct an engaging account with this instrument with a few clicks.

And one of the coolest things about it is that it employs artificial intelligence to develop aesthetic visuals that suit your message.

All you need is a script, which takes care of the rest. It finds layouts that suit your words and places them on a beautiful backdrop, which it does with great precision.

This is one of my favorite online tools; it helped me create science videos for my social community.

7. Pictory

Have you ever wished you could quickly turn a long-form video or textual material into short, shareable videos for social media? Pictory makes it simple to accomplish.

Pictory will turn what you’ve written into a short, visually interesting story that you can share on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Sign up now and start uploading your writing or long-form video.

This software will help you save time when making videos, bring more attention to your business, and make it much easier to keep your social media accounts active.

8. automates the production of professional videos by using artificial intelligence. Sign up, paste your content, pick an industry, pick a language for the voiceover, and choose a voice.

You’ll get the results you want by combining powerful audio and visuals with a compelling, attention-grabbing message. In addition, over 20 languages are supported.

To get the most out of your social media marketing efforts, you may also utilize to resize your videos for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok.

9. Wisecut

Wisecut is an artificial intelligence video editing application that streamlines the process of producing videos.

You may use it to make engaging videos by removing lengthy pauses, background music, and subtitles. By utilizing this program’s auto-translation feature, you may also expand your reach to a wider range of people.

Things You Should Know Before Choosing AIs to Create Videos

Before you choose an AI video generator, you should know that several options are available on the market.

First of all, the quality of a video depends on its originality and the content that it contains. If your videos are not

If you are an individual or a small business owner, it is very important to understand the features of AI video generators.

  • The first thing that you should know is that these products are excellent for creating short videos and have the ability to turn written text into movies.
  • However, these videos do not usually have text and sound; such products are known as recorded video files or pre-made videos.
  • The video generators used by each AI will be unique. Some might be harder to use than others.
  • To create videos, some may need a lot more input. Several are meant to be used for particular purposes, such as making films. As a result, it’s critical to pick the one that suits your needs and constraints.
  • I don’t rank items in order of importance. In other words, the first program on the list is seldom superior to the fourth.
  • Since I consider that everyone has different requirements, some people may prefer the fourth software over the first. As a result, I recommend that you study the basics, costs, benefits, and drawbacks before forming an opinion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an AI video generator?

An AI video generator is software that allows you to create and edit videos using artificial intelligence (AI). It can be useful for creating video content for your website, social media, or marketing campaigns. Some of the features that AI video generators offer include automatic video editing, video creation with voice recognition, and the ability to add music and graphics. By using AI video creation software, you can create high-quality videos that are both engaging and visually appealing. Additionally, this software can help you save time by automating the video creation process.

How do you make a video on artificial intelligence?

There is no one definitive way to make a video on artificial intelligence. Some approaches include filming interviews with AI experts, creating short explanations of how AI works or producing animation or graphics illustrating the various ways you can use AI.

What is a video generator?

A video generator is software that creates videos from scratch. It may allow you to create videos in various formats, including web videos, YouTube videos, and even movies.

What is the best free online video maker?

There is no single “best” free online video maker, as the best free online video maker for you will depend largely on your needs and preferences. However, some of the more popular free online video makers include Adobe Premiere Elements, Final Cut Pro, and Sony Vegas.

How long does synthesia Io take?

It can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.

How does rephrasing AI work?

Most rephrasing AI works by analyzing a sentence, identifying the keywords and phrases, and replacing them with similar but different words. For example, if the original sentence is “The cat is on the mat,” a rephrasing AI might change it to “There is a cat on the mat.”

Final words

At present, there are many AI video generators on the internet that claim to be able to churn out high-quality videos automatically. However, it’s important to note that not all of these generators are reliable. 

Before investing your time and money in one, do your research and compare the features and prices of different products. By doing so, you’ll be able to choose the best AI video generator for your needs!

Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can create high-quality text-to-video material without spending hours editing it yourself.

These tools will take your video marketing to the next level by allowing you to make YouTube videos without revealing your identity. I hope you find the right tool for you.

Try out these AI video generators if you’re searching for a solution to save time (and money) when creating campaigns or other creative endeavors.

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